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Why sustainable clothing is so important

Cradle to cradle is the concept proposed in 2002 by German chemist-ecologist Michael Braungart and American landscape architect William McDonough. The fundamental premise developed by both authors is the change of approach of the main slogan of environmentalism, the well-known rule of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The authors consider that reducing the impact on the environment of production processes causes it to slow down, but does not eliminate it.

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Technical vocational education and training: A challenging but strong investment
Globally, 38 per cent of employers have difficulties filling jobs due to a lack of skills among applicants and yet 71 million young people are unemployed.
Africa: How to Solve the Water Crisis? The Real Answer Is Local
By David Kerkhofs, Programme Coordinator for Climate Change Adaptation, Humana People to People 30 August 2019, Reuters News Most funding for water is controlled by governments, banks and large businesses, but it is sustainable, community-owned services that can address the water crisis Historically, civilizations have flourished where water sources are available.
Battling HIV and AIDS through a community-led approach
By Kilford Zimondi, HIV and AIDS Specialist, Humana People to People, South Africa* As Published by All Africa on 28 November 2019 Over the past 30 years, we have witnessed incredible strides to halt the spread of HIV, offering a future to those with the virus through advancements in treatment and care.
Op-Ed: It's a climate emergency - what happened to no one getting left behind?
By David Kerkhofs, Programme Coordinator for Climate Change Adaptation, Humana People to People* 5 December 2019 COP25 marks another crucial moment in the ‘climate emergency’ negotiations.

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