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Op-Ed: It's a climate emergency - what happened to no one getting left behind?

By David Kerkhofs, Programme Coordinator for Climate Change Adaptation, Humana People to People*
5 December 2019

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Op-Ed: Reuse is the antidote to our addiction to fast fashion
By Kaj Pihl, Environment and Recycling Advisor for Humana People to People in Europe* Article was published in CNBC Africa on 12 December 2019 COP25, Madrid: As the textile and fashion industry scramble to address the impact of throwaway fashion on the environment, a new report by the European Environment Agency’s (EEA), Textiles and the Environment in a Circular Economy, places textiles as the fourth most environmentally harmful sector, after food, housing and transport.
Imagine an AIDS-Free Africa
During the first World AIDS day in 1988, the devastation of the pandemic was accelerating with reckless abandon throughout the continent of Africa.
Teachers are at the centre of learning
Quality Education - Sustainable Development Goal 4, is one of the 17 global goals adopted by United Nations member states in a quest to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030 according to the United Nations Development Programme.

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