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Humana People to People

What we do

Education - The Humana People to People Teacher Training program trains primary school teachers who are determined to teach in rural areas and know how to involve children, parents and other teachers in education and community development. The Vocational Schools offer young people training in a number of theoretical and practical subjects, comprising a secondary education as well as vocational training. The training aims at augmenting job preparedness and opportunities for people, also when it takes place in shorter courses. The primary and secondary schools are creating education opportunities for children who have dropped out of school or for other reasons need a special opportunity. Many other programs integrate an educational component, implementing adult literacy and short skills training courses to increase participants’ capacity to create economic and social development for themselves and their families.

Agriculture and Rural Development - The Farmers’ Clubs program organizes and builds capacity and opportunities among small scale farmers to increase their productivity, crop quality and links to viable markets. The program introduces improved agricultural techniques and provides a forum to develop the skills and experience of participating farmers. The program puts focus on improved soil and water management and adaptation to climate changes.

Clothes Collection Globally - Citizens of Europe and USA’s major cities become partners in development by donating their used clothes and shoes. Humana People to People turns these clothes with zero value into products with considerable value through this climate-friendly business model. Income is generated internationally and locally for development programs while creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in the receiving countries.

Fighting Climate Change - Climate change mitigation and adaptation methods are shared among the community and a movement of activism is encouraged to reduce as well as reverse the negative effects of climate change. Communities join together to improve their livelihoods in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. In Europe and the USA, operations have a mitigation component where promotion of secondhand clothing reduces the environmental impact of textile production and waste.

Promoting Health and Fighting Diseases - Health-oriented programs empower people to take charge of their health through many different initiatives. Total Control of the Epidemic –TCE and HOPE Humana both deal with the HIV and AIDS and TB epidemics. Community Health Agents programs deal with basic health and specifically with reproductive, maternal and child health. Sanitation and health are further applied as cross-cutting issues in other lines of work.

Other Humana People to People programs - Local needs and opportunities see Humana People to People members engage in some programs outside these main lines of work. These programs largely include nutrition and microfinance programs, along with the introduction of education for development programs in Europe. Education for development in particular is gaining importance in industrialized countries as governments reduce their aid budgets.