Read the latest stories and news about our work across the world


Read the latest stories and news about our work across the world


Investing in teachers training to transform Africa’s education


Education, a fundamental human right and key to Africa’s development, faces challenges like access and quality. Teacher-training holds immense potential to transform this landscape.


Claudina da Rosa Macedo, 26 anos, natural de Manica. Acredita que teve uma formação de qualidade na EPF da ADPP. Não respondeu a mais questões.


Humana People to People, with 30 years of experience training over 45,000 primary school teachers in sub-Saharan Africa, believes in empowering dedicated educators. Members of Humana People to People, also known as ADPP and DAPP, collaborate with national governments to equip teachers with effective pedagogies, fostering inclusive and quality learning. A total of 33 teacher-training colleges are currently being run by ADPP Angola, ADPP Mozambique, ADPP Guinea Bissau, DAPP Malawi, DAPP Zambia, and Humana People to People Congo.

Despite strides, millions still lack access. The 2023 UNESCO/African Union report highlights alarming figures: 1 in 5 primary school-age children and 6 in 10 adolescents are out of school, often due to poverty, disability, or conflict.

Recognizing this urgency, the African Union declared 2024 the year of “Educating an Africa fit for the 21st century.” This theme emphasizes building resilient education systems for inclusive, lifelong learning. Success will contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the African Union Agenda 2063.

The recent 37th Ordinary Session of the Heads of State and Governments saw discussions on a comprehensive education strategy for 2024. Humana People to People welcomes this focus on stakeholder engagement and system-wide transformation.

We believe education, the heart of our mission for peace, poverty reduction, and sustainable development, must transform lives. The 2022 UNESCO Transform Education Summit marked a turning point, urging reform to address 21st-century realities.

Humana People to People’s human-centered approach aligns with the African Union’s paradigm shift towards transformative education. Our pedagogies emphasize cooperation, solidarity, and protecting the planet. This is crucial, as the future of both people and the planet depends on climate-resilient solutions and a conscious generation working together.

Effective education hinges on pedagogy rooted in collaboration and solidarity, empowering students and teachers to transform the world. Well-trained teachers play a critical role in nurturing learning outcomes that work for all.

Humana People to People recognizes the transformative power of pedagogy for both students and teachers. The approach used can either hinder or promote positive change. We ensure our methods foster solidarity and peacebuilding, shifting from the traditional focus on individual success and labor-market needs. This shift is crucial for developing impactful education reforms in Africa.

Our investment in training primary school teachers has demonstrably influenced child learning. Qualified teachers actively engage students in knowledge production and application, deepening their understanding and motivating them to seek more.

Teachers also play a pivotal role in collaborating with each other, students, parents, and the entire community. This collective effort fosters quality discussions, social cohesion, and knowledge production, making them key figures in transforming both education and society.

Humana People to People’s Teacher Training Colleges incorporate the “Graduated Teachers’ Network” – a structure offering continuous learning and support to graduates. This network engages them in school development, facilitates experience exchange, and equips them with tools for effective delivery. Through the network, teachers have initiated numerous projects like girls’ clubs, reading clubs, and school gardens, demonstrating the power of empowering educators.

Creating an enabling environment and fostering trust are crucial for unlocking teachers’ potential to positively impact education. We remain committed to long-term investment in education and stand ready as collaborators and implementing partners in Africa’s transformational education journey.

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