Read the latest stories and news about our work across the world


Read the latest stories and news about our work across the world


International Education Day: Changing Course, Transforming Education



Education must be transformative, and must promote broad human values and critical thinking. It is a precondition for development as it contributes to building peace globally.

We are excited to mark the fourth International Day of Education on 24 January 2022 under the theme “Changing Course, Transforming Education”. Humana People to People’s commitment to improving education in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is shown by our investment in people and infrastructure, key in accessing education.

International Day of Education 2022 aims to generate debate around how to strengthen education as a public endeavour and common good, how to steer the digital transformation, support teachers, safeguard the planet and unlock the potential in every person to contribute to collective well-being and our shared home.

The recently published report by the International Commission on the Futures of Education called ‘Reimagining the Future Together: A new social contract of education,’ acknowledges the power of education to bring about profound change. It notes that our humanity and planet earth are under threat as inequalities continue hindering equal access to education, largely in under developed countries in the southern hemisphere. Education plays a vital role in addressing these daunting challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only served to prove our fragility and our interconnectedness. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 1.6 billion learners were affected by school closures across the globe. Never do you appreciate something more than when faced with losing it.

We believe in the power of education as the key to a country's long-term development. Our training and education programs span a broad range of fields all designed to meet the diverse demands of national economic growth and fighting the effects of poverty. Our educational levels include preschools, primary and secondary schools, vocational and skills training, higher education and adult literacy.

Humana People to People values education as a human right. Respect for human rights and concern for education as a common good must become the central threads that stitch together our shared world and interconnected future. The right to quality education everywhere and learning that builds the capabilities of individuals to work together for shared benefit provide the foundation for flourishing, diverse futures of education.

Our pedagogical approach is to create a space for students of all ages to be the drivers and navigators of their own training, in a collective setting where studying both together and individually go hand-in-hand. Through our pedagogy, student teachers explore life in its entire colour whilst learning. They experience a variety of different learning processes and become conscious of how and when learning takes place.

It is our strategy to give long-term support to public education, which should be




a system accessible to all in any given society. We seek to inspire and complement public education, so that teachers, students, parents, education institutions, education officials and Ministries of Education can draw inspiration from direct and indirect co-operation with the Humana People to People schools and education projects.

When students and teachers forge strong links with their community to resolve pressing issues, trust builds between school and community. This also reaches local and national education authorities and other partners.

Our member in Mozambique, ADPP Mozambique, has trained about 21,000 primary school teachers since 1993. ADPP Mozambique's education programmes are focused on improving the quality of primary school education through the provision of teacher training, promoting equitable access to primary and secondary education for vulnerable children. Currently, ADPP Mozambique operates 11 teacher-training colleges, 2 polytechnic schools, 2 primary schools, 1 secondary school and 1 university.

Humana People to People India’s education initiatives see the teacher and the student as co-creators of knowledge and skills, where the student, as much

as possible, takes the driver’s seat in the process of learning. The learning process involves acquisition of information and knowledge, and processing it into understanding and action for a positive change. 1,646 trainee-teachers successfully graduated from the Necessary Teacher Training Programme recently, benefitting 81,167 primary school children.

We value the positive cooperation we have with the national governments in the countries we are implementing our education programmes. The input of the government has supported with education policy adherence and integrating realities of the conditions of the local societies.

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