Read the latest stories and news about our work across the world


Read the latest stories and news about our work across the world


  ADPP Mozambique celebrates 40 years anniversary


We are excited and proud for one of our founding members ADPP Mozambique marks 40 years of implementing development work impacting millions of people in Mozambique.


40 year history en


Established in 1982, ADPP Mozambique’s development work focuses on providing and promoting quality education, health and well-being, and sustainable agriculture. ADPP Mozambique’s approach to development is centred on directly working with the people and communities through active initiatives that provide awareness and offer training to empower local communities with the tools and structured organization they need to produce results and ensure their development.

In 2021 alone, ADPP Mozambique reached 6.2 million people with development work across all provinces of Mozambique. As of last year, ADPP Mozambique engaged 1.265 million people through its education programmes. 23 451 primary school teachers graduated from ADPP Mozambique’s 11 teacher training colleges since 1993. ADPP Mozambique has reached more than 7 million people over the past 20 years with HIV prevention, counselling and testing and referral services under the Total Control of the Epidemic programme.

We invite you to read a congratulation full speech from our Humana People to People Chairman, Snorre Westgaard below:

Greetings to everyone in ADPP Mozambique!


It is a great pleasure for me to congratulate Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo and all of you working with ADPP on the 40th year anniversary. I do this on behalf of the Federation and its 29 member associations working across Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe and North America.


While the Federation was only formed in 1996 where ADPP Mozambique was one of the founding members, ADPP Mozambique with its first projects in 1982, is one of our oldest and today largest member associations. We, as the Federation are very proud of the work you are doing and the positive impact you have for millions of people in Mozambique.


Forty years is a big piece of history both for ADPP Mozambique and for the world in which ADPP Mozambique has been an active part. During this time ADPP Mozambique has innovated and experimented and tried out many different kinds of projects and adapted to the times and needs of its people and the world around them.

From vocational training, starting enterprises and productions, building fishing boats and running restaurants, to large scale street children schools, to establishing a network of teacher training colleges, fighting HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, to school feeding, nutrition, improving primary education and girls education, and working with farmers for sustainable and more productive agriculture.

Your history is a remarkable show of people to people innovation and productivity addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the people of Mozambique.


ADPP Mozambique has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Mozambique, during the fight against apartheid with the resulting civil war in Mozambique and after the victory over apartheid and the celebration of peace in Mozambique.

The just ended Transforming Education Summit in the United Nations highlighted the need to transform education to equip the new generation with knowledge, understanding and agency to protect the planet, fight inequality and build a world with peaceful co-existence.


I understand this not only as a need for transforming formal education, but as a realization that all people have the right to obtain and achieve knowledge, understanding and the capacity to take action to fight for a better world.


In the education projects, health, environment and sustainable agriculture, ADPP Mozambique enshrines and practices these fights towards a more equitable world where people work together to take care of the planet and each other.


With this greetings we want to thank all the employees, partners and participants of ADPP Mozambique for your continuous efforts to reach the magnificent achievements over the past 40 years and we congratulate you on this wonderful milestone of an anniversary. Happy 40th Anniversary and many wishes for future.


Snorre Westgaard


Federation Humana People to People


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