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Read more about our latest opinions, case studies, and more from around the world


Teaching as part of sustainable change in the lives of vulnerable rural communities.


DNS Mbankana young Congolese as rural primary school teachers capable of delivering high-quality teaching and at the same time work as development agents in rural and peri-urban communities. Students and graduated teachers from DNS Mbankana contribute to improving education in primary schools - graduated teachers by working in the schools, and students during their teaching practice in the schools. DNS Mbankana is the only professional teacher training school in the DR Congo and thereby spearheads initial teacher training to be used in new teacher training colleges once these training institutions come into existence. The college supports the 400 Primary School Movement for primary school teachers with the DNS trained teachers in the forefront to improve primary school education and village life in an ever-growing number of villages.


02 a DNS Congo teacher during teaching practise


“My name is Milor Fuma Jonas, a student at DNS Mbankana. The training at the college aims to train young men and women with different backgrounds to become qualified teachers as well as development agents to improve primary education in rural schools in DR Congo. At the end of my training at DNS Mbankana, I was able to teach in all the primary classes and contributed to the integral development of rural communities. I initiated students to establish vegetable gardens so that they can eat vegetables produced by themselves. I will continue to support Congolese youth in vulnerable communities to work as development agents for their communities. 

Studying at DNS Mbankama helped me to develop greatly for the benefit of Congolese rural children. My language skills and pedagogical experiences that I obtained through community actions will help me to improve the situations for vulnerable children living in rural communities so that they can have a better future,” says Milor Fuma Jonas,DNS Mbankana, HPP Congo.