Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Biogas for life in India

Roshanlaal Meena, 50-year-old, was the first person in Ukrund, in the state of Rajasthan, India, to set up a biogas unit. Like most of the families living in the rural areas, Roshanlaal’s was totally dependent on firewood as its main source of energy. 77% of the 800 million people living in rural communities in India live in extreme poverty where their economic situation is often linked to environmental degradation. Most of these families use firewood as their main source of energy which claims up to 20% of their income and causes the emission of up to 3.8 million tons of CO2 each year.

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Going for it

After working as a TCE Field Officer in Ehlanzeni for a year, Nonkululekho decided she was going to do something new, something she is passionate about.

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Fighting with The Poor

Young adults from around the World participate in the Fighting with The Poor, a Humana People to People program. This program is, as the headline states, about Fighting with The Poor. The program is about taking action, delivering giving support to The Poor as they undergo transformative processes of change.

The program studies, courses and experiences lead to a full understanding of The Poor and all that is around them: economy, nature, philosophy, society, health among others. As a necessity, it mobilizes the young adults to be activists and to be part of changing the world.

The participants in the Fighting with the Poor program do their first period at some various colleges in Europe, Caribbean Island (St. Vincent) and in the United States of America where they are prepared to go to a Humana People to People project for 6 months. At the school they learn about community mobilization, health and hygiene, vegetable garden production, education, environmental issues and much more, including the reality of The Poor and how to join in their fight. They organize themselves in TRIOs (groups of three) and make contact to the project while they are still at the school.

Development Instructors or Poverty Fighters, as they are known in Latin America have many ideas and give a lot of inspiration to the people, both to the families in the projects and to the staff at the projects with whom they work closely.

During the period of stay at the project the Development Instructors take part in many struggles which are characterized by realization of friendships. The many people who have worked at the Humana People to People projects with the Development Instructors appreciate what the Development Instructors bring to their communities. The Development Instructors learn and grow from being together with the people in developing societies.

The families, the project staff and other people get inspired to see that people from other countries are so heartfelt in how they set time aside to help even though they must have a hard time missing their own family or living under different and difficult conditions compared to those at home, but they still move on and fight for change.

They see how people get inspired and start to do things for themselves, finding that they can also do a difference and change many things if they take action.

A Call to Action from Global Partnership for Education

This week, the Global Partnership for Education held the Second Replenishment Pledging Conference, to promote investment in education for the 2015-2018 period. The Partnership requested $3.5 billion from donor nations, foundations and private entities over the next four years to support the improvement of education in its 66 developing nation partners. Along the same lines, developing nations were encouraged to increase their education budgets by at least 20%. From Humana People to People, Jesper Wohlert participated in the conference as member of the steering committee of theUNESCO Task Force on Teachers for Education for All.

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