Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Activities for Youth

South Africa: HOPE Humana Youth Clubs in Ehlanzeni and Mopani improve the situation of orphans and youths.

In 2011, 6.222 children and youths joined in life orientation activities such as debates and discussions, sports and fun activities. The idea was to combine usual activities for young people with attention towards HIV/AIDS and other critical issues for young people.

The Youth Club activities are for all. This means that orphans and vulnerable children are part of the Clubs together with their peers to foster a more supportive environment for all the children. The clubs are run by volunteers who together with the youths make the programs and carry out the activities outside school lessons.

The Youth Clubs activities include debates on issues such as HIV/AIDS, drugs, sexuality and dangers of underage sex, early teenage pregnancy and high risk behavior when it comes to HIV infection.

The Youths operate a library which plays an important role for their studies as it also enhances their accessibility to information and technology.

Sport is a natural ingredient in the Youth Club activities. Many like the sports as a way of friendly competition and challenging themselves to perform better and all need the sports as part of a healthy lifestyle. The sporting activities are for instance soccer, basketball, gumboot dance and traditional dance.