Humana People to People

Humana People to People

25,000 Trees planted in Shamva

As a response to deforestation, Humana People to People planted 25,000 eucalyptus and moringa trees in more than 100 villages in Zimbabwe.

The idea of the tree planting action was to build awareness in the local communities of Shamva district on environment conservation, global warming and how people to think globally and act locally. Humana People to People used the festive season to plant trees with the local community in their villages.

The village headmen, 4 local ward councilors, Zimbabwe Forestry Commission officials joined hands in the demonstrations of tree planting and distribution of trees to each household. The government of Zimbabwe supported the event through providing tree planting education materials, the national television and daily newspaper reported the official opening of the event.

Protection of forests is a huge challenge in Zimbabwe’s rural areas where the survival of the basically agro-based livelihood is highly linked to the environment with the trees being central to the rural life. Firewood for cooking, timber for house construction, clearance of new fields on arable lands and processing of tobacco forms the major threats associated with tree conservation in Shamva District.

Planet Aid UK provided 10.000 pounds to the action. It covered cover the establishment of the tree nursery, procurement of the plastic sachets, seedlings, logistics and other costs associated with the tree planting. Humana People to People extends its gratitude to the people of United Kingdom for their contributions to a better environment, in England where second hand clothes is donated and in Zimbabwe where the 25,000 trees were planted.

11 schools participated in the action and each school planted 500 trees. Some create woodlots and others made a hedge around the school. The school going children were the prime participants in the planting of the trees, an event that also included quiz on environmental protection and benefits of the trees with school materials as prizes.

People appreciate the new knowledge about global warming and the role they can play by planting trees.