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CDP Zhenkang-Inventive Income Generating Projects

HPP China: CDP Zhenkang in 2011 has seen new and inventive Income Generating Projects

To generate more income for the local villagers, Community Development Project Zhenkang (CDP) introduced 5?ton Konyak seeds for villagers to plant, Breeding of Bamboo rats and using pig fermentation beds as new techniques

Konya (a fiber rich nutritional plant) is a crop that can produce very high financial return. In 2011, 25 families have benefited from this program. They planted 5 tones of Konya which will bring them extra income in the year 2012

The pig fermentation beds have contributed to betterment of hygiene at the pig sties. 20 families have built new pig sties and 30 families have started using the pig fermentation bed technique

15 families have received 150 pairs of Bamboo Rats in a pass?on?scheme. The Bamboo Rats are easy to breed and they are not very choose about food and water – and the meat has a good price at the moment, so we have great expectations for the results that should come in 2012. Humana People to People in China is looking forward to adding more elements that are linked to agriculture specifically in the circles of nutrition support at family level and creation of market linkages for the agro?produce.