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Farmer’s Clubs Equateur, in the forefront of development

Twenty two kilometers south east of Gemena district in Equateur Province D.R.Congo is a village called Bobange, which is one of the operation areas in Farmers’ Clubs. The village is among the poorest in the district, there are no constructed schools, and the village is highly populated with children and pregnant mothers.

Farmers’ Club took it as a challenge to take decent schools construction using local materials allowing more children to go to school, and stop waiting for help from outside. The whole idea was built on improving the situation of high illiteracy. Several meetings and discussions were held with the community, chiefs, farmers and the school headmasters. Even though it was not easy to mobilize the community to understand the importance of building schools, the project used its own experience from earlier on over how to fight for a cause and to win support. The project managed to mobilize two hundred and fifty farmers to be in the forefront of the action, and the rest of the community to follow as a good example in development. Different committees were formed with responsibilities for different tasks. Each club was given a target in the molding of bricks and looking for other local material needed in the construction of the primary and secondary schools. The pupils were also given some tasks like carrying water and carrying bricks as part of their contribution in the construction of the school.

The solution was found, the construction of the primary and secondary schools using local material are in progress with the community in the forefront of their development. The wish to see children going to school is almost achieved. The community at large is happy about the initiative and area ready to do more in creating local development.