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Dreaming in colour with FARMERS CLUBS


Production is the main focus of the Farmers’ Clubs in Humana People to People.

Lack of basic agricultural inputs as well as skills to do agriculture, has led to significant reduction in production in many places in DR Congo.

In an area where maize and cassava are the staple food, Farmers’ Clubs in Gemena in the Equateur Province has made inroads in securing better quality seeds for the rural small-scale farmers. This has been possible with the cooperation with the Local Agricultural Research Station which is funded by FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Farmers have been producing an average of 3.5 tones of cassava per hectare. This is due to the poor quality of seeds. Local varieties not only produce low but they are also not resistant to diseases such as mosaic which is rampant in the area.

The project distributed some improved cassava cuttings to the farmers to multiply on their own. In the demonstration fields in each club, planting the new cuttings was shown, and the farmers took active part in every step.

Some of the advantages of the new variety are:

  1. High yielding
  2. Early maturity
  3. Disease resistant

The results are evident on the individual farmers’ fields as well as on the demonstration fields. After six months experimenting with the new cuttings, the farmers noted positive results as 42 tons of cassava was harvested per hectare a major jump compared to 3.5 tons before the new way of farming.

Now farmers have switched to the new variety and increased production is no longer just a dream but a reality

On average the harvest was 4.5kg per planting station
Food security assured