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30 years of Development work in Mozambique

The event took place at ADPP´s Headquarter in Machava with a participa- tion of more than 600 people.

The government was represented by the Vice Minister of Education, His Excellence Dr. Arlindo Chilundo, the Permanent Secretary of Maputo Province, Mr. Mario Omia, and many others local leaders of Matola City municipality.

The event started with an exhibition about ADPP´s 30 years work in the whole country. One World University (ISET/OWU) had an additional exhi- bition about the new Pedagogy course and the Teacher Training College Maputo had the pleasure to show the experiences acquired during their 4 months bus travel in Southern Africa, as part of the new 3 years pro- gramme. While the exhibition was taking place, it was accompanied with good music played by the school band from ADPP´s Teacher Training College (EPF) in Gaza.

Many of ADPP´s partners and trailblazers participated as USDA, AECID, FDC, JHPIEGO, ADRA, FHI 360, Embassy of Finland and Sweden, The first Lady office, Ex – Prime Minister of Mozambique, Dr. Pascoal Mucum- bi, Millennium BIM, TDM, Anadarko among others. The present major partners where given sculptures made in Zimbabwe from the Association “Friends forever” as way to show the acknowledgement of the support pro- vided and thereby the success of the ADPP work.

The highest cultural moment of the party was honoured by two of the most popular and best singers of Mozam- bique, Mingas and Stewart Sukuma together with one of the awarded Musical band in Africa named Nkuvu, which performed an unforgettable time, where all danced and enjoyed the good music.

The field officers of TCE Maputo presented their skills in singing and dancing which brought happiness to every- body. TCE also presented a beautiful song together with Mingas inviting people to do the HIV test.

The children’s Town and Vocational school Maputo presented traditional dances from Mozambique.

The Teacher Training College (EPF) students showed their experiences and knowledge acquired from the bus travel where they sang two songs written by themselves talking about “Machibombando” (bussing our continent).

The party ended up with a nice refreshment for all invited guests.