Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Ending Hunger in Malawi

Farmers’ Clubs Malawi has been running for the past 8 years in Chiradzulu, Zomba, Lilongwe and Dowa districts.

A total of 33,750 rural small-scale farmers are organized in 675 Farmers’ Clubs.

Agriculture represent the most important sector of the economy of Malawi, as it employs about 80 percent of the workforce, contributes over 80 percent of foreign exchange earnings, accounts for 39 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and contributes significantly to national and household food security.

The main idea of the Farmers’ Clubs program is to train and organize small scale farmers. This has resulted in the creation of community structures which will assist them to maximize their returns on investments and become food sufficient. For this to be achieved, a lot of interventions have been put in place which includes; increasing the growing seasons by the use of low cost irrigation techniques using rope and washer pumps, farming practices with less soil disturbance, reforestation actions in hills and river banks, food preservation technique like solar drying as well as other value addition to products.

Through the different trainings that Farmers’ Clubs offers to the farmers, there have been notable improvements in areas of food security. The use of rope and washer pumps has increased the cropping seasons thereby increasing the income at house hold level. The organization of the farmers in Clubs has promoted the spirit of common buying and selling where things are bought in bulk hence at lower prices and securing contract farming with other companies. With a serious crop diversification in practice, the farmers’ food security is no longer as heavily hit by adverse weather conditions. Value addition to the produce has also improved their nutritional status through the production of soya milk and cheese from soya.

Efforts of the Government of Malawi are focused on reducing poverty through various strategies, especially by increasing agricultural productivity and income levels of small scale farmers.

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Farmers’ Clubs is the DAPP Malawi contribution to increasing Malawi’s agricultural productivity, improving food security, diversifying production to improve nutrition at household level - and increasing overall incomes of people in the rural areas.