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Going for it

After working as a TCE Field Officer in Ehlanzeni for a year, Nonkululekho decided she was going to do something new, something she is passionate about.

Preschool – building early human capacity Humana People to People in South Africa had just introduced the Preschool of the Future Movement. She has the desire to work with children and Early Childhood Development.

“After finishing my Matric examinations I joined the TCE program in Ehlanzeni and after that I got a scholarship to become a Development Instructor atKwaZulu-Natal Experimental College for a year. When I completed the program I got the opportunity to become one of the pioneers to start the Preschool of the Future (POF) Movement in South Africa.”

Together with the community “I am in the course to open a Preschool in Masomini and there is very good and positive response from the community. The community does not have a preschool and the children start by going to school without early physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. I got the approval of the Chief and the Ward Councilor to start the first preschool in the community. We secured a building which we will use as the preschool and together with the community we have renovated the building we got from the traditional councilor David Mzimela. The building is now suitable to be a place for children to grow their mental and physical abilities with the support of the community.”

Nonkululekho has faced some challenges in starting the preschool. It has been difficult to get the parents to bring their children because the parents cannot afford to pay the school fees for the children. “It is a poor community and the parents are finding it difficult to pay the school fees for the children, that’s why it has been difficult to get children to come to school. I understood the challenge faced so I mobilized the parents to understand that preschool is an important level in a child’s development before going to school. So we reached an agreement with the parents and they are happily willing to pay for their children to attend the preschool which we will start soon.”

It is a big challenge for Nonkululekho to start the preschool but it is a challenge she is willing to take on.

“I am very passionate about early childhood development and I have realised that I have to work hard every day to make it a reality that children in Masomini get a preschool no matter the challenges.”