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NYC Climate Summit 2014 – Catalyzing Action

Climate Summit 2014 provides a unique opportunity for all of us to get engaged and take action to prevent further climate change. The actions that each of us take today will make a difference. We need the world to champion an ambitious vision, based on action that will turn around the direction that we are taking now towards increased effects of global warming.

Catalyzing action is key to averting the crisis which has seen many natural disasters affecting human kind globally. This goes for us all individually and in groups, for businesses, governments and international organizations.

You can read more about the UN Climate Summit 2014 and how you can participate here:

Humana People to People believes that people, working together, can create the forces necessary to prevent climate change and to adapt to the changes that have already occurred. Since 1977 we have collected the second hand clothing that many people do not want any more and which you decide to put to better use. In 20 countries in Europe and in the U.S. with collection, sorting and selling of used clothing. In all these countries you can find clothing collection bins in shopping centers, parking lots and residential areas where you can donate your used clothing.

The reuse of clothing minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases and spares millions of tons of clothes from going into landfills. When we prolong the life cycle of the clothing, we contribute to a greener globe and promote economic livelihoods.

We challenge you to consider the earth and the plight of the future generations in the wake of climate change.

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