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DNS Teacher Training College Mkushi

DAPP Mkushi College of Education is the first teacher training college established by Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) in Zambia. The college is training teachers for rural primary schools where there is a growing demand for qualified teachers.

The college opened its doors to the first 38 students (16 female and 22 male student teachers) in 2012 after the learning institution was inspected and approved by the ministry of education. The students are pursuing a 2-year teaching programme for the award of a certificate in teaching.

Urbanization in Zambia has shifted the mindset of most youths who are thinking that staying in the rural area has no value comparing to urban areas. Thus as we train our students to become teachers for rural primary schools, our main focus is working on the mindset and attitude so that our student teachers start appreciating the importance of being teachers for rural primary schools with the notion that if we fail to go and work in the rural areas, children there, the people and the community would remain forever backward and underdeveloped.

Like any other primary teacher in Zambia, our students are studying the Zambia Teacher Education Course (ZATEC) examinable under the Examination Council of Zambia. They are examined in all the 7 ZATEC study areas (Education studies, Literacy and language, Mathematics education, Science education, Expressive arts, Social, Moral and Religious education) to equip the student teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Besides the ZATEC study subjects, the DAPP Mkushi College of Education has added other subjects to help develop multi-skilled teachers who would have a progressive mindset to work in rural areas and to participate in community development. The additional subjects which the student teachers focus on include Computer skills, the world in which we live, Charter subjects, Specialization, Our Country Zambia, Agriculture, Construction, Lifestyle skills, Communication, Economy, Community work, Pedagogical workshops, Leadership Intelligence and Fighting with the Poor. Through the additional subjects, the student teachers are molded to be agents of change in the rural schools and communities.

The teaching programme which the DAPP Mkushi College of Education is running is meant to train the teachers-to-be to command more knowledge and capabilities and to equip them with multiple and diverse skills, both to teach the children and to create development. The main pedagogical principle of the college’s teacher training is on placing the students at the center of being the driving force in their own learning process.

This principle is also expressed in the pedagogical method of the Humana People to People Teacher Training Colleges called DMM – Determination of Modern Methods. This method establishes the student as the main navigator of his own training and secures that ample knowledge and access to many and varied knowledge sources are at the disposal of the students while they are in training.

Within the framework of the two-year programme, the student teachers acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and start to practice and function as proactive teachers.