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HPP Congo is awarded the 2015 Energy Globe prize

Humana People to People Congo has won the 2015 environment prize issued by Energy Globe as the organization in DR Congo with the best sustainable energy program. The winning program is built around planting trees within the 400 primary schools together with DNS Mbankana.

Humana People to People Congo (HPP-Congo) is a Congolese non-governmental development organization that started activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2006. The environment protection element is integrated in all project implementation and is done in different ways. HPP-Congo is dealing with environment protection through community hygiene and sanitation, rehabilitation of roads, sustainable agriculture and tree planting.

Using the award given to Humana People to People Congo by Energy Globe, an initiative supported by United Nations Environment Program, Advantage Austria and World Environment Day, more participation of children, youths and teachers will take an active role in environment protection, conservation and general awareness among community members.

The approach builds on training and sensitizing future teachers at the teacher training college and in-service teachers in 17 primary schools includes a social component. The teachers in the 17 primary school will integrate environment protection lessons in their natural science program so the children will learn more about environment protection.

The tree planting action will have a huge impact on the life of children as well as community members. Children will learn to organize themselves to carry out community development actions; they will become aware of the environmental dangers and by so defending them. The teachers get inspiration to teach about the environment and will teach many more children about the subject, and the schools get a model for combining awareness and practical actions.

With the aim of fighting global warming and climate change that pose an imminent threat to the survival of all living species, national associations connected to the Humana People to People movement in 14 countries, launched a tree planting action in November 2013 with each country having a goal of planting 1 million trees.

In the DRC, 60 staff members and community volunteers organized and participated in the actions. To date, more than 380 000 trees have been planted. The trees have been planted around existing and former projects in the Sud Ubangi district in the Equateur province, in the territory of Madimba and Bas-Fleuve in the Bas-Congo province, in the outskirts of the capital of Kinshasa and around HPP-Congo’s teacher training college in the rural Kinshasa province.