Greetings to the 25th of March
 International Conference for Guinea-Bissau    “Terra Ranka”   The people in Guinea-Bissau need the support of the international
world to create economic and social development for a prosperous and peaceful nation. All kinds of people to people connections are important to strengthen
resolve and progress and for building a just society which works for the betterment for all.    A vibrant and viable civil ... by paradzai

Sharing Happiness
      “Promoting the humanization of mankind, the only art form that contains the seeds to the flowers of happiness for
all’  – The Charter Humana People to People    We wish everyone around the world a very happy International Day of Happiness! The
pursuit of happiness is serious business. Happiness for the entire human family is one of the main goals why Humana People to People is involve ... by paradzai

Strengthening Teacher Training in Angola
From 2013, the 14 Teacher Training Colleges, run by ADPP Angola in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, was extended from 2.5 to 3 years. Each year
has its own special headline and themes. The programme has been revised and refreshed to provide more challenges. New students embark on a learning exercise
called The International Year of the Teacher, learning about the world and about themselves, overcoming frontiers literally as ... by paradzai

400 Biogas plants for India
    About nine-tenth of the rural households in India uses traditional wood and dung-as a household fuel annually   Climate change is a challenge
with diverse implications as it impacts on agriculture, water resources, forestry, biodiversity, human health, energy and infrastructure. Diminishing forests
and an increase in use of natural resources needs urgent action to counter negative effects of climate change on rural life.   ... by paradzai

“Girl child, Stay in School!”
    “To educate a girl is to educate a nation. However, many girls in our district do not complete school because of poverty, early marriages,
teenage pregnancies and poor school infrastructure.”  These words, which were said by one of the representatives of the local primary schools in
Namacurra district, summarized the concerns of all present during the launch of the Nikhalamo – “Girl child, Stay in Schoo ... by paradzai

NYC Climate Summit 2014 – Catalyzing Action
Climate Summit 2014 provides a unique opportunity for all of us to get engaged and take action to prevent further climate change. The actions that each of
us take today will make a difference. We need the world to champion an ambitious vision, based on action that will turn around the direction that we are taking
now towards increased effects of global warming.  Catalyzing action is key to averting the crisis which has seen many natura ... by paradzai

Together we can help to stop climate change
  Together we can help to stop climate change   Climate Change is again this year the theme of the Humana Day.   Each of our Humana People to
People members in Europe are preparing their own agenda of activities, which mainly takes place during the week from 22 to 28 September. 'Our Climate, Our
Challenge' is, again, the theme chosen.   Various events will provide our partners, customers of second hand shops and the ... by paradzai

A green center of learning
Planet friendly initiatives are crucial as the world rallies support to reverse climate change effects. EPF Caxito, a teacher training school in Angola, has
taken a first step in being a center of learning fully powered by solar energy. Between March and November 2013, a solar energy power system was installed at
EPP Caxito to provide energy for both EPF Caxito and EPP Caxito. (EPP is a secondary school with vocational skills training as a centra ... by paradzai

A short in the arm for Mikolongwe
In its bid to support the improvement of skills and economic livelihood of under privileged youths in Malawi, Stitching Gered Gereedschap of Holland has
provided training tools to Mikolongwe Vocational Training School which will go a long way in benefiting youths in the country.   Mikolongwe Vocational
Training School will reach more people in the satellite village training programs with informal skills thanks to the support of the tools. Th ... by paradzai

Nongejile: Fighting for Food Security
Nongejile Matomane from Mpakama Village in Quinana South has what many women don’t have, land, where she can produce to feed her family and create a
source of income.   Humana People to People in South Africa has been working with Nongejile and 399 other rural small-scale farmers, mainly women in the
Farmers’ Clubs project. The farmers have organized into 16 clubs of 25 farmers each. The farmers learn from each other about far ... by paradzai

Early childhood education in China
  A survey among primary school teachers in Butuo, China, has shown that the children who have attended Humana People to People’s Preschool of the
Future are more active, more eager and able to learn on their own.   The purpose of the Preschool of the Future (POF), a community preschool project, is to
prevent poor children from becoming poor adults. Breaking the cycle of poverty takes many concerted efforts. Investment in infrast ... by paradzai

Dreaming in Color
As FIFA World Cup national teams reflect on their respective results on how they participated in the world’s largest sporting events, young people everywhere
are fostering their dreams of following in their sporting heroes’ footsteps. At the Ponesai Vanhu Junior School in Zimbabwe, a school for vulnerable
children, two bright young boys are one step closer to their personal dreams of playing for their national soccer team.  Dudzai Chimusasa ... by paradzai

Irrigation technology for rural famers
Innovative low cost technology for market gardening has transformed how rural farmers are earning a decent living in Chingola district in Zambia.  Mr.
Dismon Bwalya, a 42 year old chairperson of Bosso Farmers’ Clubs, Boso village, Chingola district bear testimony on how a micro-credit loan has impacted on
his family's social and economic status. Married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren, Mr. Bwalya has been ripping the benefits of being a ... by paradzai

Increasing our stepping pace in AIDS fight
“Only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS – the epidemic!” Such a clarion call has spurred many people into activism to aggressively
turn the tide of HIV/AIDS.    The strong statement will form the central message Humana People to People is bringing to the 20th International AIDS
Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, Australia, in July 2014.The Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) program has been the main strat ... by paradzai

What about Outcome?
The TCE Program has demonstrated significant outcomes, especially with regard to testing and increasing condom use and health service uptake.  These
examples from some external evaluations give some clear indications of the results measured on the program.    An extensive evaluation of the impact
of TCE in a rural district in Zambia started in planning stage late 2012 has now been approved by all involved partners and the baseline ... by paradzai

Reduce, reuse and recycle
The fashion industry has an impact on the environment, as it requires a high consumption of raw materials and energy, both in terms of production and
distribution. It also involves a significant generation of waste and carbon emission.   For Humana People to People and its members the process
of clothing recycle has been designed to be a business model contributing with funds to development work. It starts with generous and environ ... by paradzai

New hostel for DNS Amalika
Japanese Ambassador Shuichiro Nishioka recently was the guest of honor at the official opening of a new DNS Amalika girls hostel in Malawi.     The
Japanese Government recently constructed a new dormitory at Amalika Teacher Training College in Malawi. The dorm (which is referred to as a "hostel"
locally) will increase the college’s on-campus housing capacity by 32 students, raising the total to 96.   Japanese Ambas ... by paradzai

A Call to Action from Global Partnership for Education
  This week, the Global Partnership for Education held the Second Replenishment Pledging Conference, to promote investment in education for the
2015-2018 period. The Partnership requested .5 billion from donor nations, foundations and private entities over the next four years to support the
improvement of education in its 66 developing nation partners. Along the same lines, developing nations were encouraged to increase their educatio ... by paradzai

Minister of Justice, Finland visits Children's Town Maputo
Visit  of Minister of Justice of Finland, Ms. Anna-­?Maja  Henriksson, to ADPP Children’s Town The19th
ofMay  marked a special day for the children living and studying at the  ADPP  Children’s Town  boarding school for vulnerable
children in Maputo. The  visit of the Minister of Justice of Finland, Ms. Anna-­?Maja Henriksson, and her delegation had been prepared& ... by paradzai

Fighting with The Poor
Young adults from around the World participate in the Fighting with The Poor, a Humana People to People program. This program is, as the headline states, about
Fighting with The Poor. The program is about taking action, delivering giving support to The Poor as they undergo transformative processes of change.  The
program studies, courses and experiences lead to a full understanding of The Poor and all that is around them: economy, nature, p ... by

Going for it
After working as a TCE Field Officer in Ehlanzeni for a year, Nonkululekho decided she was going to do something new, something she is passionate
about. Preschool – building early human capacity Humana People to People in South Africa had just introduced the Preschool of the Future Movement. She
has the desire to work with children and Early Childhood Development.   “After finishing my Matric examinations I joined the TCE progra ... by paradzai

Biogas for life in India
Roshanlaal Meena, 50-year-old, was the first person in Ukrund, in the state of Rajasthan, India, to set up a biogas unit. Like most of the families living in
the rural areas, Roshanlaal’s was totally dependent on firewood as its main source of energy. 77% of the 800 million people living in rural communities in
India live in extreme poverty where their economic situation is often linked to environmental degradation. Most of these families ... by paradzai

Wind of Change
People in the community action groups in DAPP Child Aid in Chingola, Zambia improves their lives’ through the businesses they can start with micro finance
loans. The story about poverty has always been a sad one to Mr. Mbale, a blacksmith in Soweto Township in Chingola District. It is a harsh reality he has lived
with for most of his lifetime having been brought up in a poor family and having headed a poor family himself.      ... by paradzai

Empowered graduates
  Recently the vocational school celebrated the graduation of 118 students, 93 of the graduates were females making it the largest class and number of
graduating females (93) in the history of the school. These milestones were the result of training courses offered by the vocational school in community
development, business & secretarial studies, bricklaying & plastering and office administration.  The director of DAPP Namibia i ... by paradzai

Education and Disability
  Education and Disability: "Equal Right, Equal Opportunity" is the motto of the Global Action Week, an annual campaign organized by the Global Campaign
for Education (GCE) from 4 to 10 May. Humana People to People supports this campaign. Its aim is to highlight the profound challenges that people with
disabilities face in exercising their right to education and lead to a significant change in attitudes regarding the exclusion of childre ... by paradzai

International Workers' Day and the 2nd of May Schools
International Workers' Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement and it
promotes social justice and internationally recognised human and labour rights.   80 countries in the world commemorate the day as a national holiday to
give emphasis on the importance of the workers’ contribution in building the national economies.    How exactly has Interna ... by paradzai

A 1st step to the positive in DRC
Education gives people the basic means to change the condition of their lives.  Humana People to People has been sowing the seeds of rural primary school
development across 6 most need African countries including India. One of the notable initiatives has been the setting-up and implementation of DNS Mbankana
primary school teacher training college in rural Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  Our vision is to see such teachers, wo ... by paradzai

Calling for a billion people’s collective action now!
Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for our earth and its environment.   The focus is on the unique environmental challenges of
our time. As the world’s population migrates to cities, and as the bleak reality of climate change becomes increasingly clear, the need to create
sustainable communities is more important than ever. With smart investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy, and ... by paradzai

Calling for a billion people’s collective action now!
Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for our earth and its environment.   The focus is on the unique environmental challenges of
our time. As the world’s population migrates to cities, and as the bleak reality of climate change becomes increasingly clear, the need to create
sustainable communities is more important than ever. With smart investments in sustainable technology, forward-thinking public policy, ... by paradzai

This is the good news!
According to a recent UNICEF report, child mortality rates around the world have been cut in half since 1990, from 12.6 million deaths per year to 6.6
million in 2012. Some of the world’s poorest countries have made the strongest improvements in child survival since that date. However, the 2012 UNICEF
report stresses the alarmingly high cost of inaction: if the global community does not take immediate action to accelerate progress, a ... by paradzai

Ending Hunger in Malawi
    Farmers’ Clubs Malawi has been running for the past 8 years in Chiradzulu, Zomba, Lilongwe and Dowa districts.   A total of 33,750
rural small-scale farmers are organized in 675 Farmers’ Clubs.   Agriculture represent the most important sector of the economy of Malawi, as it
employs about 80 percent of the workforce, contributes over 80 percent of foreign exchange earnings, accounts for 39 percent of the gross dome ... by paradzai

  Producing sanitary pads is one of the activities that girls attending Nyava Youth Center run by DAPP Zimbabwe are learning to do.   An important
part of any woman’s regular monthly routine is the use of sanitary pads. This is not an issue if the woman in question can go into a shop and buy the
pads. It is not a pleasant choice if it is a decision between buying groceries and sanitary pads.   In sub-Saharan Africa, millio ... by paradzai

Better nutrition
“I am very happy with the initiative of Farmers’ Clubs members in our village. They introduced preschools and adult literacy programs.”   This
is the strory of Aua Djata, 12 years old from N'dendem, Guinea Bissau and doing her 12st grade.   “If it were not for them I would not have learnt how
to read and write. The new program has been a life changing one to many children in my village. I am overjoyed with the construction of pro ... by paradzai

Rural Development
  In Community Development Program we are fighting with the poor in rural India. This is done through developing their skills, increasing
knowledge and experience of the people.   This is done by engaging people as individuals and in groups enabling them to undertake initiatives to combat
social, economic, political and environmental problems in their communities and create a spirit of joining together to solve the big and ... by paradzai

On Pedagogy
    DNS train primary school teachers to work in rural Mozambique where lack of teachers is.   The intention has been and will remain, to
train teachers who become mind, body and soul operatives as progressive partners in a better life in the communities of Mozambique. But teaching is the core of
their activities and we have found out that this is best achieved through learning by doing – that is through practice in the prima ... by paradzai

Celebrating World Water Day
  Universal access to safe drinking water and water resources is an imperative that cuts across all internationally agreed development objectives,
including the Millennium Development Goals. Improving access to water improves health and education. It increases agricultural productivity. It is a force
for gender equality.   Yet pressures on freshwater are rising – from the expanding needs of agriculture and food production to ... by paradzai

Women, Agents of Inspiring Change
Equality for women is progress for all! The idea of development of mankind can be consolidated to its full potential if it encompass within its form gender
balance. Humana People to People share the opinion. We have seen many women inspiring change at our Teacher Training Colleges, in or Framers’ Clubs
program, in our efforts to fight HIV and AIDS and all our initiatives. Women make up half of the world’s population and represent 70% ... by paradzai

Solidarity schools in the Baltics
The relationship among education, poverty and development is not quite strong in European classrooms. The Solidarity Schools project started in Estonia,
Latvia and Lithuania in the beginning of 2013 and will remain active until the end of 2014. It involves teachers in exploring effective methods for instructing
on how to fight poverty and create development. Growth Domestic Product growth in developing countries has surpassed world average i ... by paradzai

A university for education and justice
As we approach the building, we see a bus parked in the main entrance. Some of the ADPP Mozambique One World University’s students have just come back
from a four month bus trip across Southern Africa, one of the highlights offered by the center’s three year program to become a teacher. Walking through
the hall, there are small groups of students scattered about. They speak quietly. The only sound breaking the silence far away fro ... by paradzai

Inspiring change as a Poverty Fighter
  Last year Takahito Mizokami changed his busy life as a student in Tokyo for a quieter and very different existence in the north-east of Brazil, the
country’s poorest and least developed region.    His daily tasks involved working with people in Humana People to People Brazil’s
projects, organizing cleaning actions and turning neglected spaces into safe playgrounds; assisting families in cultivating organic gardens fo ... by paradzai

Books that give hope
Books open up a new world, spread knowledge and guide the development of children. However, 260 million children across the world are still growing up
without access to them. Malawi is one of the countries where books are most difficult to find, especially in rural areas. With three quarters of its
population still living below the international poverty line of less than 1.25 dollars per day, attending school is not one of the priority co ... by paradzai

Guinea-Bissau childbirth, a dangerous business
  Aisatu had been in labor almost one whole day before the bi-weekly canoe service arrived to Bolama, the closest of the Bijagós Islands to the
mainland of Guinea-Bissau. By the time she arrived to Bissau’s hospital, six hours later, the baby was dead. Luckily, Aisatu survived.    This
small West African country is one of the most dangerous places in the world for pregnant women and newborns, consistently rankin ... by paradzai

Overcoming unemployment in South Africa
  After years of apartheid, South Africa continues to face the triple challenge of chronic high unemployment, poverty, and inequality.  The
prospect of creating a career are slim for the many of young people in the country. Moreover, the HIV and AIDS epidemic has impacted most poor
households.    Humana People to People has been working in South Africa since 1995, with the aim of improving the quality of life in all commun ... by paradzai

Harnessing limited resources for better livelihood
India has made great efforts over the last decades to reduce the percentage of people living under the poverty line: from about 55% in 1973, it has gone down
to about 27% in 2004. But poverty remains a chronic condition for almost 30% of the country’s rural population.       In 2009, Humana
People to People India started the Green Action Project in the Neemrana region in Rajasthan.The project addresses la ... by paradzai

Hungry for school
Almirante has a reason to be happy of beginning the school year: he’ll be given a daily meal as part of the ‘Food For Knowledge’
program, currently implemented by ADPP Mozambique  and Planet Aid Inc., in the province of Maputo. The objective of the program is to offer daily
meals for 60.000 school children during a three year period  (2013-2015) and to raise awareness on the importance of healthy eating ... by paradzai

Highly-trained teachers for rural Malawi
Unesco’s last education report highlights the important progress made by DAPP Malawi’s training teaching program in favor of the rural areas of the
country   UNESCO’s 2013 Education for All global monitoring report warns that the shortage of qualified teachers has led to a global learning crisis
that may affect several generations of children. Only by attracting and adequately training enough teachers, it will be possible ... by paradzai

Poverty Fighters in Brazil
  Last year Takahito Mizokami changed his busy life as a student in Tokyo for a quieter and very different existence in the north-east of Brazil, the
country’s poorest and least developed region. His daily tasks now involve working with people in Humana People to People Brazil’s
projects, organizing cleaning actions and turning neglected spaces into safe playgrounds; assisting families in cultivating organic gardens fo ... by paradzai

Learning a profession in a practical way
Mountain lovers affirm that whether to tackle large business projects or to climb high peaks, the skills you need remain the same: staying calm, being focused
and taking daily steps to reach small goals before facing big obstacles. This is the way that the Practical and Theoretical School for youth in Angola
understands education.    Designed as though it was a three-year expedition to conquer Mount Everest, the school offers ... by paradzai

Getting off the streets
  Richard’s life was never easy. But when he found himself roaming around the streets of Lusaka, Zambia sniffing glue, smoking dagga and sleeping in
dirty drain tunnels, he thought he would never get out of there. Until DAPP Children’s Town welfare outreach officer, Elizabeth Kandunda,
met him.    Street life exposes children to violence, exploitative and hazardous labor conditions, such as sex-work and c ... by paradzai

Empowering rural Chinese farmers
      Yuanyang is one of the poorest areas in China, where, according to the World Bank, around 150 million people are still living on less than
USmodule.25 per day, most of them dwelling in rural areas.    To empower Chinese farmers to improve their livelihoods, Humana People to
People set up in November 2010 the Farmers’ Clubs project in Shalatuo. The grouping of 30 to 50 members per club has assi ... by paradzai

Climate friendly processing and improved nutrition
     Agriculture is the most important sector for the development of Mozambique’s economy: 70% of the population lives in rural areas and
75% depends on agriculture for its livelihood. According to the experts from the FAO, “the country has the potential not only to become self-sufficient in
food production but also to become a regional food exporter”. Smallholder farmers account for 95% of Mozambique’s ag ... by paradzai

Another approach to HIV and AIDS
    The first recognized cases of AIDS were identified in the USA in the early 1980s. Since then, HIV and AIDS have spread across the globe. India
is one of the countries where the virus arrived later. In India, infection rates soared throughout the 1990’s and today the epidemic is not confined to
vulnerable people such as sex workers and truck drivers; it is found in all levels of the society. According to the Indian Governmen ... by paradzai

Good teachers for a better country
    Monika, who entered the teacher training school in 2012, had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. In her opinion, DNS Teacher Training
“is a very interesting way of learning. Everything is very practical, which is very good. The tasks are not only book related knowledge but also knowledge
related to our society”.   Someone once said that ‘good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more’. The DNS ... by paradzai

Campaign to plant 14 million trees.
  Humana People to People campaign to plant 14 million trees. Members of Humana People to People have decided to make tree planting an important part of
their contribution to mitigate climate change. Trees absorb CO2 while they grow. Planting trees help to reduce the rate of CO2 in the air and through that
support a stabilization of the climate. Trees also have other good influences as they can improve soil quality with humus from the lea ... by paradzai

Our Climate, Our Challenge
Humana Day 2013 will be held in 17 countries of Europe on 26th September. This year the main focus is the effects brought by Climate Change. The theme
bring together people to take action on what can be done to fight an issue that affects the lives of millions of people around the world on a daily basis and
will continue to do so for many years to come. Humana Pueblo para Pueblo has arranged many programs in Spain’s metropolitan citie ... by paradzai

A life changing program
  Recently Radio 2000 in South Africa had a live on air interview featuring the program Farmers’ Clubs, where farmers join together to improve the
production.   You can listen the interview here.   Farmers’ Clubs in South Africa is contributing to building the capacity of rural small-scale
farmers with requisite skills to achieve family food security and organic farming.   Since the inception of the program the wo ... by paradzai

Making a Difference in Malawi
  Simeon Kampala is 49 and farms in the Lilongwe Rural District. Like many of his peers, Simeon has practiced traditional farming, growing corn and
tobacco and struggling to feed himself and his family.   In 2007, Simeon heard about a new program in the area called Farmers’ Clubs, which was
bringing new conservation farming methods and other skills to help improve the situation of growers like himself.   “I learned man ... by paradzai

HOPE Humana in Zambia
Over the years HOPE Humana in Zambia has worked closely with  over 2,600 activists, more than 500 support groups for People Living with HIV, 100 youth
clubs, 121 primary and secondary schools, key district partners and health service providers. All the efforts have formed part of the contribution towards
achieving the UNAIDS 2012 theme of zero tolerance to new HIV infections. DAPP Zambia is implementing HOPE Humana projects in 7 dist ... by paradzai

Community Health Agents
  Community Health Agents Many African countries are pursuing Community Health Worker (CHW) programs in their efforts to link people to health services
and bring basic health care and information out in the communities that are considered hard-to-reach.  In the TCE program all people individually in an
area are reached with information that enables them to get in control of HIV and AIDS in their own lives and in their communities. ... by paradzai

Unlocking value through clothes recycling
Climate Change is of greatest concern to the livelihoods of all people on Earth today. New initiatives targeting environment protection are crucial to avert
the impact of climate change. Humana People to People has been undertaking eco-friendly initiatives since early 1980ies in protecting the environment by
recycling used clothes and promoting economic development. In North America and Europe, Humana People to People members collect and ... by paradzai

Social inclusion through sport
  From Brazil - Humana Brazil wants to see loving, caring, responsible, creative and engaged grown-ups as the basic element of security for the life of
every child. This simple statement is the basis for engaging and working together with the people of Cansancao and the municipal authorities in improving
the lives with people. Social inclusion is one element that Humana is working with to bring togetherness, friendship and build ... by paradzai

Reducing our carbon footprint
  From Estonia - Too often we do not think about this, that we have only one Earth and there are more than 7 billion people like us living on
it. Humana Estonia believes in working together as a team to change this world and make it a better place for living. And yourself, you can change this
world too through buying from our second hand clothes retail shops or donating your not necessary, but still useable valuables and clothes ... by paradzai

India-Microfinance for rural women
      From Humana Microfinance in India: The people can make changes. People need others to support them, assist, inspire, and give a hand.
This is what Humana Microfinance does.   The most pressing issues facing humankind can better be solved if people can organize themselves to in economic
development.   Humana People to People India has been working together with the rural women of Alwar district of Rajasthan sin ... by paradzai

Taking good care of Children
      From Humana Microfinance in India: The people can make changes. People need others to support them, assist, inspire, and give a hand.
This is what Humana Microfinance does.   The most pressing issues facing humankind can better be solved if people can organize themselves to in economic
development.   Humana People to People India has been working together with the rural women of Alwar district of Rajasthan sin ... by paradzai

DAPP Malawi Launches Teacher Training College Dowa
  Vice President Khumbo Kachali of Malawi has hailed the role private institutions are playing in the education sector. Speaking in Dowa on Friday during
the official opening of Development Aid from People to People (DAPP) Teacher Training College, Kachali said the provision of quality education requires
involvement of the private sector. “While Malawi government is making great strides in improving the quality of education, the ... by paradzai

30 years of Development work in Mozambique
  The event took place at ADPP´s Headquarter in Machava with a participa- tion of more than 600 people. The government was represented by the Vice
Minister of Education, His Excellence Dr. Arlindo Chilundo, the Permanent Secretary of Maputo Province, Mr. Mario Omia, and many others local leaders of
Matola City municipality. The event started with an exhibition about ADPP´s 30 years work in the whole country. One World Unive ... by paradzai

Frontline Institute Graduation 2013
DAPP Frontline Institute held the first 2013 graduation ceremony on 24 January . The graduation ceremony took place at Frontline Institute in Shamva where a
total of 108 participants received certificates in project management courses. Guests included the guest of honour Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe His
Excellency Jeitendra Tripathi, embassy of Mozambique officials, local government representative, partner Ngos, Ministry of Education repr ... by paradzai

    In Kinshasa (DRC), Child Aid Kingabwa marked the International AIDS Day on December 1st. On the day, members from the Family Action Groups in
Child Aid distributed flyers about HIV&AIDS encouraging people to be tested and know their HIV status. Another group of Child Aid members distributed
condoms from booths put up in the streets.   In order to create attention about the event, Child Aid had engaged a big group of ... by paradzai

The III Humana Spain Textile Recycling Awards
Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo Spain carried out an award ceremony to recognize and share gratitude to the various partners it co-operates with in the clothes
recycling and environment protection. The award are given yearly and it is carried out in each of the key regions of Spain. Around 100 people including
employees, friends and members of the Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo Spain participated in the Open Day carried out at Valderrubio (Granad ... by paradzai

World AIDS Day
    World AIDS Day - December 1st - unites people worldwide in the fight against HIV, shows support for people living with HIV, and commemorates
those who have died. More than 25 million people died from the virus between 1981 and 2007, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history. Today,
many advances have been made in HIV treatment, there are laws to protect people living with HIV, and we understand much more about ... by paradzai

Women in Action
Women in Action Women make up half of the world’s population and represent 70% of the world’s poor.   Introduction Women make up half of the
world’s population and represent 70% of the world’s poor. They are more likely than men to be poor, illiterate, and at risk of hunger as a result
of the discrimination they face in education, health care, employment and control of assets.[i] They have less access than men to ... by paradzai

DAPP Zambia and KCM providing safe water
It is a remote village located in Mumbwa District. In this village, the first and only well was dug in 1970. 41 years down the line, the 78 households this
village has still had this water point as the only reliable source of clean water. This is Chikoloma Village situated in the district’s Nampundwe
area. When the pump broke, which it often did, trouble ensued. “You would go to the stream, and the cattle were there drinking and de ... by paradzai

Children’s Town youths enjoy the DAPP Child Welfare Day
The DAPP Children’s Town in Mayambanyama in Chibombo District was a centre of activity on June 15, 2012 as skills training students and pupils in the
community basic school were high in spirits during the DAPP Child Welfare Day celebrations that were organized by DAPP. DAPP organized the Child Welfare Day, a
day before the Day of the African Child, to reflect on the challenges that affect children and exploring ways of addressing such ... by paradzai

Farmer’s Clubs Equateur, in the forefront of development
Farmer’s Clubs Equateur, in the forefront of development Twenty two kilometers south east of Gemena district in Equateur Province D.R.Congo is a village
called Bobange, which is one of the operation areas in Farmers’ Clubs. The village is among the poorest in the district, there are no constructed
schools, and the village is highly populated with children and pregnant mothers. Farmers’ Club took it as a challenge to take dec ... by paradzai

Dreaming in colour with FARMERS CLUBS
DREAMING IN COLOUR WITH FARMERS CLUBS Production is the main focus of the Farmers’ Clubs in Humana People to People. Lack of basic agricultural inputs
as well as skills to do agriculture, has led to significant reduction in production in many places in DR Congo. In an area where maize and cassava are the
staple food, Farmers’ Clubs in Gemena in the Equateur Province has made inroads in securing better quality seeds for the rural ... by paradzai

More than a shop
Humana Spain: On March 15, Humana Spain opened a second shop in Madrid's longest street, Calle Alcalá. As in other recently opened shops, a great effort
has been put into communicating to the public, that Humana is something more than another second hand clothes shop. Large fotos express what the ultimate goal
of the organisation is, and this spurs the curiosity and interest of the customers to be. Since October 2011, 5 shops have been ... by paradzai

Eco-san toilets
HPP India:  The demand for toilets is growing in the villages, as the benefits are obvious. Many villagers are now ready to contribute 30% of the
cost. At Community Development Projects in India 82 members of 5 Women’s Self Help Groups from  5 villages held a training session on theoretical
and practical skills on different issues such as sanitation, use of effective micro-organism, vermi compost and building and using Eco S ... by paradzai

Health and Hygiene actions
HPP China:  In CDP Zhenkang main focus of the Village Action groups last year has been around improving hygiene and sanitation and improves capacities
within these two areas.   Community Development Zhenkang together with the community has started a low cost initiative in bringing improvements in
people’s Health and Hygiene .320 active members in the Village Action Groups have this year built 132 Eco-San toilets benefitting 5 ... by paradzai

CDP Zhenkang-Inventive Income Generating Projects
HPP China: CDP Zhenkang in 2011 has seen new and inventive Income Generating ProjectsTo generate more income for the local villagers, Community Development
Project Zhenkang (CDP) introduced 5?ton Konyak seeds for villagers to plant, Breeding of Bamboo rats and using pig fermentation beds as new techniquesKonya (a
fiber rich nutritional plant) is a crop that can produce very high financial return. In 2011, 25 families have benefited from thi ... by paradzai

25,000 Trees planted in Shamva
  As a response to deforestation, Humana People to People planted 25,000 eucalyptus and moringa trees in more than 100 villages in Zimbabwe. The idea of
the tree planting action was to build awareness in the local communities of Shamva district on environment conservation, global warming and how people to
think globally and act locally. Humana People to People used the festive season to plant trees with the local community in their vil ... by paradzai

South to South Cooperation
  December 19th has been declared United Nations Day for South-to-South cooperation. It envisions inclusive development, the sharing of knowledge and
resources between southern countries themselves and creating new markets to develop a broader foundation for sustainable economic growth. Humana People to
People members participate in various ways in South-to-South Cooperation, one example is the exchange of expertise between differe ... by paradzai

Activities for Youth
South Africa: HOPE Humana Youth Clubs in Ehlanzeni and Mopani improve the situation of orphans and youths. In 2011, 6.222 children and youths joined in life
orientation activities such as debates and discussions, sports and fun activities. The idea was to combine usual activities for young people with attention
towards HIV/AIDS and other critical issues for young people. The Youth Club activities are for all. This means that orphans and vuln ... by paradzai

8th store in Madrid
Expanding an already successful operation, Humana in Spain opened an 8th second hand clothes store in Madrid on December 2nd. Barcelona remains the biggest
operation in Spain for the moment with nine stores, but like in football, the ´competition´ from Madrid is there to be respected. The new store
is located on Calle Alcalá, one of the oldest (and longest) streets of Madrid, connecting the Puerta del Sol with the Aveni ... by paradzai

HIV Consolidated
  The struggle against HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa is a long battle where gradual progress and small success are to be celebrated. Development
Aid from People to People in Zambia (DAPP) reports about recent developments. Awareness and condom distribution programs are clearly showing effects in the
trench war against HIV/AIDS, but the infection rate is still high, with an estimated 17% of the population in the age-group of 15-49 ... by paradzai

Ending child labour
The International Labour Organization (ILO) has engaged Humana People to People Botswana in reducing and hopefully eradicating child labour in Botswana.
 The ILO report praises efforts done and says that Humana People to People ,,has made a strong start.” In a recent report surveying the progress
being made in eradicating child labour in Botswana, South Africa and Namibia, the ILO notes that Humana´s ,,considerable experien ... by paradzai

On Pedagogical Principles
On Pedagogical Principles From the Half Year Reports of  ADPP Teacher Training College Maputo: The Teachers training college vies to train teachers to
work in communal Mozambique where there is lack of teachers and intends to train teachers who become mind, body and soul operatives as progressive partners
in a better life in the communities of Mozambique. But teaching is the core their activities and we have found out that this is be ... by paradzai

People living with HIV and AIDS supported
    From the Half Year Reports of Hope Humana People to People in Botswana : The HOPE program mobilized people infected or affected with the virus
as it realizes their need for support from those around them regardless of their status. Support Groups, also known as Positive Living Groups, have been
established and members are meeting on regular basis to help one another on treatment adherence and positive living in general. A treat ... by paradzai

Production for own consumption
From the Half Year Reports of Teachers Training College Chimoio: Agriculture production forms a major role in the livelihood of the community, and
integrating this technique is vital to develop production skills, initiatives and flexibility of our future teachers.   Production, maintenance and
construction have been introduced in Agriculture and Construction and Maintenance subjects and as a part of the training so that the t ... by paradzai

Fermentation beds adding vitality to life
    From the Half Year Reports: From the Half Year Reports of  Farmers’ Club China:  Farmers’ Clubs Zhenkang in China equips
farmers with knowledge, skills and modern farming techniques through intensive trainings to improve their families’ livelihood in line with the Yunnan
state’s poverty alleviation program. The modern farming techniques include growing of improved high yielding variety of pota ... by paradzai

“Parents’ Days”
  Actions to improve cooperation between parents and schools From the Half Year Report of DAPP Teachers Training College Malawi: During the teaching
practice a trio of Development Instructors assisted Teacher Trainees at the Humana People to People Teachers Training College Chilangoma in initiating and
supporting an improved cooperation with parents. This took place in 2 selected teach­ing practice schools. The tradition of invol ... by paradzai

Reaching Out in higher gear
  From the Half Year Report of Frontline Institute in Zimbabwe:  Frontline Institute’s objectives on reaching out are to educate participants
to plan and carry out community development. Effective communication skills are imparted to the participants especially with regards to addressing community
leaders and the communities. They are also educated on the effective ways of community involvement in community development. &nb ... by paradzai

Kick out poverty Yuanyang
    From the Half Year Report of Farmers’ Club China:  Farming has been practiced by many for centuries in Yuanyang, a county in
China’s south western province of Yunnan. The need to increase the income and health of poor farmers and their families was inevitable such that the
birth of Farmers’ Clubs Yuanyang in 2009 through HUMANA People to People China brought smiles on the faces of many farmers.   Fa ... by paradzai

What it means to be a Support group member
From the Half Year Report of TCE Zimbabwe:  Total Control of the Epidemic in Zvimba has held one on one discussion with 22,572 people on HIV/AIDS
information in the 1st half of 2011, giving a cumulative total of 76,553 since the project inception in June 2010. 5,991 were reached through 283 communities
and 192 workplace lessons.   TCE mobilized 1,450 people for testing on HIV and this was provided by local clinics, hospitals ... by paradzai

Raising awareness in South Africa
From the Half Year Report of TCE South Africa: At the moment the program is reaching 2 million people in 4 provinces in South Africa. South Africa
has an estimated 1947 People who Living with HIV/AIDS and many actions like to establish 147vegetable gardens targeted at securing food security especially
for PLWHA, to secure better family economies for PLWHA and their families, TCE facilitated establishment of 58 income generating pr ... by paradzai

HOPE Zambia takes a stand to HIV/AIDS
    From the Half Year Report of  Hope Humana People to People Zambia : Hope  In Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi districts,  in
collaboration with the Ministry of Health, have undertaken key interventions to improve the  impact on improved delivery of services to people living
with HIV and their families.   The process to identify the key policy issues that are affecting people living with HIV and their famili ... by paradzai

Mikolongwe Vocational School
  From the Half Year Report of Vocational School Malawi: Mikolongwe vocational training school is a DAPP Malawi project which equips the students with
vocational skills that can help them to use and sustain their own life and contribute to the development of their country. The idea of the project is to
provide youths with skills through practical training programs, which allow them to become self-employed or find employment as skilled ... by paradzai

Opinions make a difference
    From the Half Year Report of Hope Humana People to People Botswana:  In regards to social economical and political needs of the people,
deliberations and opinions are worthwhile so that peoples’ lives can change for the better.   Platforms like debates, stake holder forums and open
houses have been held to bring people together to discuss issues affecting their lives. The HOPE program has in many cases been in ... by paradzai

A Special Farm!
  From the Half Year Report of  DAPP Park Production  Zimbabwe: Park Production is a project being run by DAPP Zimbabwe with an aim of
supporting the sister projects of Frontline Institute, Ponesai Vhanu Junior and Technical College and DAPP Headquarter Zimbabwe with all the required food
stuffs. Currently, the Farm is running the following productions; Maize, Soya bean, Sun Flower production, Horticulture production, Eucalyp ... by paradzai

Changing Perception and Mindset
From the Half Year Report of TCE China: Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) in China is a two a half year campaigning to achieve total control of the HIV/AIDS
epidemic in targeted townships of Butuo country. The program focuses a female population and through the women also reaches the men. TCE Butuo works witch a
population of 50,000 people. This is done with one-on-one visits to all women conducted in all villages by Women Federation memb ... by paradzai

Training of Female Teachers
  From the Half Year Report of Teachers Training College Malawi: UNICERF Malawi had an evaluation at DAPP Teachers Training College Dowa; an
independent evaluation was made covering the students on Teaching Practice from as well as the community lessons and Pedagogical Workshops. The results of the
evaluation showed that the students are very active both the actual teaching as well as in improving the schools where they teach. &ldqu ... by paradzai