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PRESS RELEASE: Food relief initiative during lockdown for needy communities

COVID-19 is taking its toll on the world, causing deaths, illnesses and economic despair. Due to the virus spreading rapidly, the South African government was then forced to take a drastic decision to stop the spread of the virus by placing the country under a strict Lockdown from the 26 of March 2020.

Since the lockdown has started it is evident that it affects the poor more than others as the adequate need for food has arisen since its inception. The government is pulling out all stops in securing that all citizens have enough food during this lockdown, but unfortunately the need is so enormous.

Humana People to People in South Africa, a Non-profit Organization operating in 5 provinces of South Africa since 1995, has therefore decided to come in and assist the government in this food relief initiative. In partnership with the HCI Foundation and eNCA, Humana People to People in South Africa will be delivering food parcels to the disadvantaged areas it is currently working in. Families chosen to receive food parcels do not have means to buy groceries because it’s either a child headed home due to HIV and AIDS tragedy, single parents with no means of income, an elderly living alone with no one to look after them, no one employed or the one person that is working is not getting paid because of the lockdown.

The food parcels will be distributed starting tomorrow25 April) in the following communities; Doornkop in Gauteng, Mopani in Limpopo, and in KwaZulu Natal in Vryheid, Pongola and Mangangeni. Doornkop will be the 1st to receive the food parcels followed by other provinces. Humana People to People in South Africa is already operating in these areas, reaching out to the needy people through different activities including; health, community development, education, environmental awareness and greater opportunities for children Humana People to People in South Africa understand that life in the time of this Covid-19 is unprecedented but we believe that together we can fight this virus and we will indeed win this battle against this invisible enemy.

Humana People to People in South Africa is very grateful to be part of this journey and many thanks to HCI Foundation and ENCA, most importantly for the many individuals, companies and organisation who contributed to this cause and making it a success.

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