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An HIV discordant couple’s story of hope, unity and determination


“Being an HIV positive woman and getting married to an HIV negative husband is quite rare. Our marriage bond has gone strong for the past 11 years and I gave birth to an HIV negative son who is now nine years old. We go for HIV testing four times a year receiving the same results.”

An HIV discordant couple’s story of hope, unity and determination

Albertina Jacinto (not her real name) is currently getting support from HOPE Maputo project’s (TRIO system) which is supporting people living with HIV to adhere to treatment and avoid defaulting.

HOPE Maputo project is identifying people living with HIV in the community through home-based HIV counselling and testing, referring those found HIV positive for treatment and providing community based support to ensure adherence to HIV treatment.

Mozambique is among the countries most affected by HIV and AIDS. The HIV prevalence among adults was estimated at 12.6% in 2018, with over 2.2 million people living with HIV.

Despite the challenges the country faces, Mozambique stands out as an example of how progress can be achieved through local actions, political commitment and international support. 

ADPP Mozambique is supporting the Mozambique government to achieve the internationally adopted 95-95-95 goals targeting to end AIDS by 2030.