Humana People to People

Humana People to People

TVET and skills development

Skills development and economic empowerment is about much more than providing training opportunities. It’s about equipping young people with the skills and confidence to create the lives they envision for themselves as they transition into adulthood.

Through comprehensive TVET courses at across six countries in predominantly rural areas aiming to equip young people to meet the technical and professional needs of their communities.

Qualifications are nationally accredited and partnerships are built with the local private sector guarantee that training meets labour market demands. A number of HPP TVET colleges provide informal training opportunities to increase access for those who may not meet formal entry requirements, particularly young women and youth with disabilities.

Entrepreneurship and life skills are integrated into all courses, providing young people with the capacity to confidently build livelihood opportunities for themselves. Moreover, course content includes cross-cutting issues such as sexual and reproductive health, as well as values of gender equality and inclusion.