Humana People to People

Humana People to People


You can make vital contributions to progress in the world through your donation.

Support Humana People to People projects in the fight against poverty. You can make a difference in a child's life in Mozambique, help small-holder farmers in Southern Africa increase their yields, or give the gift of a qualified and dedicated teacher to a village in Malawi.

FAIHPP does not currently offer an online donation option, but you may donate to our projects through our US member, Planet Aid.


Teacher Training

All children deserve a chance to learn, all children should have a qualified and committed teacher. Active in 7 countries, Humana People to People's teacher training program prepares teachers for work in rural communities. To train a primary school teacher costs approximately $2,000 per year. A donation in any amount can make a difference.

Go to to know more about how you can support teacher training and through the quality teacher, help educate children in Africa for a brighter future. 

Farmers' Clubs

Food security and earning an income from farming is big quest for many small farmers. Farmers’ Clubs is a sustainable farming program that helps small farmers improve their cultivation methods, increase conservation of resources, and obtain higher yields and greater income. Creating a Farmers' Club and providing the requisite training and materials costs $150 per participating farmer per year.

Go to to see how your gift of any amount would help small farmers and their families.

Child Aid

The Child Aid program works with the whole community to improve living conditions and increase the odds of children growing up healthy, attending school and fulfilling their potential.

Your donation will provide a family in a developing country with the materials or services they need to make a better life for themselves and their children. Operating a Child Aid project costs only $50 per participating family per year. Go to to see more examples of how your gift can make a difference.

Stepping Up for Children

You can help support the work of the Step-up Centers in India to give marginalized children an education despite a difficult start in life.

In 2017 the program seeks to reach 14,000 children, expanding its network to 560 Step-up Centers.

The cost for a child to attend the Centers for one year is approximately $150.  Please consider making a donation to support access to education for marginalized children in India.