Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Where we Work

Humana People to People is carrying out development work in the developing countries located in Africa, Asia and Latin America. In Europe and North America, clothes collection and partnership work define most of our key areas of how we are strengthening the north-south co-operation efforts which are contributing to the success of the development activities.

In the developing countries, agreements between the national governments and Humana People to People are entered into mapping binding agreements in undertaking sustainable development activities under key thematic areas which address major areas of concern. Each member carrying out development work in a given country is registered as a legal entity and adheres to the legal stipulations of the local government. 

Humana People to People engages the community members in project/program activism, brings together the people to share experiences, tackle their problems as a collective and find lasting solutions to the problems which affect their progressive development. 

Humana People to People chose to stay among the people where it undertakes charity work. Being at the midst of the people benefiting from our development concepts demands creating working relationships, staying together with the community, being easily accessible and being a referral point ready to act in-time. Such attributes are shared with most of our rural community development projects, our education training centers and our health centered programs.

Our development concepts provide a holistic and comprehensive scope in approaching development. This is seen from integrating major elements of human transformation that address major questions affecting human development. Actions among them gender equity, climate change, HIV/AIDS, literacy and empowerment as well as humanitarian emergency response are selectively adopted depending on the circumstances obtaining where our projects are located.