Humana People to People

Humana People to People


The Humana People to People Teacher Training program trains primary school teachers who are determined to teach in rural areas, where teachers are most needed. The trained teachers know how to relate and involve children to make them active in their education. The teachers-in-training learn how to work together with fellow teachers, families and local authorities, organizing and implementing practical actions to develop and improve life and conditions at and around their primary school. The training method used at the Teacher Training Colleges is known as “DMM”. DMM stands for the Doctrine of the Modern learning Method. It is a digitalized pedagogical system that gives the students extraordinary learning opportunities by making each student independently responsible to his/her own training.

One World University – Instituto Superior de Educação e Tecnologia (OWU/ISET) is an institute of higher education training professionals in the Faculty of Education and Community Development. The OWU/ISET graduates earn a Licentiate’s Degree in Pedagogy or Community Development (“Fighting with The Poor”). The degree in Pedagogy qualifies the graduate to train primary school teachers at teacher-training colleges and other educational institutions. The Community Development degree provides the students with the necessary skills to work in community development. Both degrees are offered through distance learning.

The Vocational Schools provide skills training of youth in modern trades in a combination of theoretical and practical elements providing a fruitful exchange between studies in the classroom and practical exercises in the workshop.

The programs at the Children’s Schools and Children’s Towns are addressing marginalized children and youth aiming at giving them a solid foundation for their future, learning academic skills, practical skills and also learning social skills and developing their personalities through tailor made training programs aimed at all aspects of a young person’s development.

Preschool of the Future (POF Teacher Training) is providing preschool education to children to achieve proper development of cognitive, emotional and physical development. It also plays an important role in getting young children ready for primary school education and life outside home.

Literacy programs are training non-schooled young and adults in reading, writing and numeracy skills. The literacy training builds on using real life situations to learn the skills, for example farmers learn to read and write while learning better farming methods and farm economy which position them in a better position to improve their production and earn more money on it.

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