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Humana People to People

Community Development

Community Development program builds the capacity of 3,000 families and their communities to work towards the common goal of improving their children’s lives.

Child Aid is what it says: Aid to the child, to grow, learn and live in safe and healthy conditions. All parents wish to create such conditions for their children, but many do not manage on their own.

The program recognizes that in order to nurture children successfully, the entire community must be strengthened. Families are brought together to address health and sanitation, income generation, education, district development, environmental awareness, and participation for children. The key areas are organized into activities and are collectively called Child Aid 10 lines and they are:

  • Strengthening the economy of the families
  • Health and hygiene - hereunder the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Pre-schools 
  • Children as active in the political, social, cultural and economic spheres of society
  • Children without parents
  • Education
  • District development
  • Environment 
  • Locally defined headline
  • Locally defined headline

The 10 lines of Child Aid aim at broad and long-term development through sustainable solutions that are identified, decided upon in the community and implemented. 

The concept of Child Aid leaves space for locally determined additions to the main areas, and the concept operates with using various structures in the organization of the children and their families, for example by forming Village Action Groups of 15-20 families with a coordinator, who is a volunteer from the local community. The Village Action Group works together in the day-to-day implementation of their own activities, and mobilizes more volunteers to participate.

Child Aid has extensive outreach programs with the whole community with information and lessons including practical actions to improve conditions where needed. As a result of carrying out the activities together, the self-organizing strength of the people is built with the active involvement of institutions like schools, clinics and government structures.

The Project Leaders work alongside people in their fights, contributing to solutions and building capacity in people to identify problems and to organize actions that are likely to create improvements.

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