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Clothes Collections

Humana People to People clothing collection and sales program is proactively for environmental protection and recycling.  Clothes that would fill landfills in Europe and USA are instead reused. Recycled clothes save resources, decrease the emission of greenhouse gases and decrease the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The collection and selling of used clothing has been developed as a social business to create double value in achieving a positive benefit to fight climate change and address under development among communities seeking equal opportunities, justice and improvement in basic living standards.

Tens of thousand tonnes are collected annually through a network of drop-in bins located at strategic places in Europe and USA. The passionate people who are conscious of the need to create development become partners with Humana People to People in supporting efforts in creating development through accumulating second hand clothes and selling them at a cheaper price to realize a surplus to fund development work. The collected clothing is processed, sorted and given value. Some of the clothing with higher value is sold in Europe for better price and the rest is shipped to Africa and the rest of the world for selling through various informal trading set-ups. 

Once the clothing reaches Africa they are sorted and repacked for retailing and wholesaling at the Humana People to People shops. Many rural people take advantage of the cheap quality used clothing to create sustainable livelihoods and become entrepreneurs in their remote rural centers. The development has gone a long way in supporting economic development as well as addressing the major issue of unemployment. 

Our clothing collection and sales social business approach is primarily based on our motivation and desire to come up with solutions to the social challenges which are faced by vulnerable populations who are left in the cold by the high demands of capitalism. The people to people connection has made it possible to have the people in north who have excess clothes donating it for development support. The people in south take the opportunity to create economic trade which has seen income support to many households engaged. Such an initiative has proved vital in the fight against poverty and income inequalities.

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