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Humana People to People due to launch “Seeds of Africa” initiative as part of Africa Day celebrations at its Headquarters in Zimbabwe




For this year’s Africa Day celebrations, Humana People to People (HPP) will be launching a new initiative called “Seeds of Africa”. The programme will celebrate a multitude of different grassroots community-driven initiatives that are currently driving regional and national development.

The celebrations will take place at Murgwi Estate, Zimbabwe on Sunday, 27th May. Over 800 people are expected to turn out to celebrate local development initiatives and hear addresses by local government officials - including the District Administrator. Throughout the day attendees can expect to hear live performances from Simon Mutambi and Cobra Kings and watch football and netball tournaments put on by local schools.

Humana People to People has long since advocated that communities and people must lead their own development and Seeds of Africa will be a chance to inspire greater change in the region through providing an innovative platform to share local efforts to develop communities.

During the celebrations people will learn about local agricultural practices; a farming community will describe how they have built their own pre-school; and a group of elderly women will exhibit their successful culinary experiments using all-natural ingredients. The agenda will also include workshops on herbal gardening, fish ponds and fire protection – all led by local experts.

Government agencies working with environment protection and forest preservation will also participate with their plans for how to support the communities in protecting the environment.

In a statement by Humana People to People, Bolette Strandbygaard - one of the key organisers – noted “This Open Sunday celebrating Africa Day is entitled “Seeds of Africa”, seeds being understood as initiatives taken by people in the communities that are driving positive change in the region.”


Established in 1977 Humana People to People is a network of development organisations working in over 40 countries globally.



Notes for Editors

HPP was inspired by the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition’s “Seeds of Good Anthropocenes”. The initiative’s objective is to provide a counter-narrative to dystopic visions of the future. It achieves this by providing examples of social and ecological progress which, combined, constitute a more positive and sustainable outlook.



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24 May 2018