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Bicycle race at the Vocational School in Guinea-Bissau.

60 energetic students from the Vocational School in Guinea-Bissau enrolled immediately when Lucas Ehrenhaus, a volunteer English teacher at the school, proposed a quick little bicycle race to celebrate that they had received bicycles and bicycle clothes from UFF-Humana in Denmark.
The race took place on Saturday the 15th of July  between 6 teams, each with 10 participants.

Each participant drove a short distance of 150 meters of red dirt road and back, before the next man on the team took over the bicycle. All the students were very eager to get started. However, the race was delayed a little due to rain and a subsequent bicycle check, where several tires had to be pumped. Eventually, bicycle helmets were distributed. The start was explosive when the race finally started.

It was so powerfull that a chain broke instantly and the first team was out of the race. When most teams had started their 4th rider came the first accident, luckily without any injuries. Later a team was hit by another cyclist during a rider shift, which also caused a damaged bike. As the race was near the end, 3 teams were clearly leading, until 2 of the 3 riders lost control of the bike before the finishing line.
It was a really fun race, says Lucas Ehrenhaus, English teacher and organizer of the event. For many of the participants it was the first time they tried to race, and despite some chaotic episodes, everyone was having fun. The cheers from the spectators were overwhelming and there were many laughs. The cycle race ended with the award of refreshments to all participants.

UFF-Humana in Denmark sends used school furniture, bicycles, computers, sewing machines, hospital equipment, etc. For development projects in Guinea-Bissau.
The consignments are packed by the Danish Relief Group in Næstved.
The fund Recycling for development finances the freight.
The organisation ADPP Guinea-Bissau organises the distribution of the materials
From the shipment in June 2017, the Vocational School received 16 bicycles from the Danish Relief Group and bicycle clothes from the pedal athletes in Fredensborg.