Humana People to People

Humana People to People

HIV Consolidated

The struggle against HIV and AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa is a long battle where gradual progress and small success are to be celebrated. Development Aid from People to People in Zambia (DAPP) reports about recent developments.

Awareness and condom distribution programs are clearly showing effects in the trench war against HIV/AIDS, but the infection rate is still high, with an estimated 17% of the population in the age-group of 15-49 years in Zambia infected with the virus. DAPP runs seven HOPE Humana projects in Central and Western Zambia in cooperation with local authorities and international partners to reduce the impact and spread of the disease.

Emphasis in the HOPE Humana programs, that are being run in several African countries, is on education, awareness campaigns, prevention and care. For those who have already contracted the virus, DAPP has put several programs in place teaching people how to cope physically and psychologically with HIV-infection. Between January and June of 2011 almost all important goals of these seven projects that were set, have been met.

Some 1.300 volunteers are active within the programs,

170.000 condoms have been distributed,

over 225.000 people were given information through town meetings, school programs or leaflets and

close to 600 support groups are affiliated with HOPE.

Activists reaching out to orphans, vulnerable children and youth clubs are in place, the HOPE workplace program has reached out to 24 companies in Ndola (Copperbelt) alone and more and more volunteers and healthcare professionals are being empowered to spread information about HIV/AIDS prevention and responsable behaviour.

The Zambian authorities have acknowledged DAPP´s efforts with regard to combating HIV/AIDS and related issues, also praising the succesful completion of several community building projects.

Source: HOPE Zambia, First semester report to Humana People to People, June 2011