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The III Humana Spain Textile Recycling Awards

Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo Spain carried out an award ceremony to recognize and share gratitude to the various partners it co-operates with in the clothes recycling and environment protection. The award are given yearly and it is carried out in each of the key regions of Spain.

Around 100 people including employees, friends and members of the Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo Spain participated in the Open Day carried out at Valderrubio (Granada) on the occasion of Humana Day 2012 and the celebration of the XXV Anniversary of the entity. On 13 September 2012, a similar event took place at L'Ametlla del Vallès offices.

The event was the III Textile Recycling Awards for the area of Andalucia. The institutions and organizations that obtained the first prizes in the various categories are as follows:

Municipality Contributors (with the collaboration agreement)

  • Cenes de la Vega (Granada). Most textile kilograms per capita collected in 2011.
  • Marchena (Seville). Increased growth in quantity of clothes collected 2011/2010.
  • Seville, Velez Malaga and Utrera. Most kilograms of clothes collected in 2011.

Other contributors

  • Parish Carmen (Granada). Most kilograms of clothes collected in 2011.

Private Contributors

  • CC El Zoco (Córdoba). Increased number of textile kilograms collected per container in 2011
  • Clean Point Linares (Jaén). Increased growth 2011/2010
  • St. Teresa Parish (Mijas). Most textiles kilograms collected in 2011

Previously awards were given to Fuentes de Andalucía (Seville) and CC La Sierra (Cordoba).

On September 27, at the sorting plant in Leganes, Fundacion Pueblo para Pueblo will be hosting a similar event, which will include the Textile Recycling Awards for public and private entities and Zona Centro Madrid.