Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Reducing our carbon footprint

From Estonia - Too often we do not think about this, that we have only one Earth and there are more than 7 billion people like us living on it.

Humana Estonia believes in working together as a team to change this world and make it a better place for living. And yourself, you can change this world too through buying from our second hand clothes retail shops or donating your not necessary, but still useable valuables and clothes to our collection points.

Humana Estonia has 22 shops selling second hand clothes in the towns and cities of Estonia – 13 shops in Tallinn, 2 shops in Tartu, 2 shops in Pärnu; a shop each in Narva, Kuressaare, Võru, Haapsalu and Viljandi. Besides the retail shops, Humana Estonia has a clothes processing and sorting centre which is located in Tänassilma Tehnopark.

15 of the Humana Retail Shops are working on a basis of four and five week selling cycle - after every 4 to 5 weeks clothes not sold during the cycle are packed and donated to community based organizations and health care centers all over Estonia and all new goods are brought in for sale.

In 2010, we opened our first Humana 2 Shop in Tallinn, which operates on 2-week cycle meaning the goods change after every two weeks. By 2013 there are seven Humana 2 Shops all over Estonia providing local people with reasonably priced and good quality clothes.

In 2012, Humana Estonia donated 1,930 tons of clothes and shoes to our partners in Africa. In Estonia we donated 500 tons of clothes to different non-profit institutions.