Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Social inclusion through sport

From Brazil - Humana Brazil wants to see loving, caring, responsible, creative and engaged grown-ups as the basic element of security for the life of every child.

This simple statement is the basis for engaging and working together with the people of Cansancao and the municipal authorities in improving the lives with people. Social inclusion is one element that Humana is working with to bring togetherness, friendship and build ties among youth, adults and local leaders

3 communities unite through a day of sports activities. The sports activities were targeting youths to create friendship, build entertainment, promote mutual relationship and share ideas.

In the communities of Capoeira and Alagoinhas, the chosen theme was football. Local teams organized themselves according to the age with the games being played till the last minute, always in an atmosphere of high sports ethics.

At the end, on top of snacks, two balls were offered to the community as a necessary step to support local facilitators to continue providing young people to develop their sporting skills and strengthen their own physical health. The community of Lagoa da Baixa is looking forward to World Olympics called Rio2016 which are to be staged in Brazil.

The theme of the function was Athletics and participants were invited to take part in long-jump, short-event running and mini-marathon. The children and youth divided themselves into four groups, namely: female under 10 and under 12 and male under 10 and under 12. Although some activities were new to the participants and their families, they were received with great participation and the activity was a great success. In the end, all participants were given refreshments and the winners were awarded medals.

The traditional sport was the chosen theme in the community of Mandacaru.

The event began with the marathon which featured a veritable crowd of children. Then, the lesser known, sack-race and the race of “egg on a spoon” made the delight of the families that tried to support their athletes. The race of obstacles with a bicycle was also a success, but what really caused uproar in the crowd was the donkey race, a kind of local Formula 1, where victory seemed to depend more on the will of the donkey than on the skills of the rider.

Everyone took home an oral hygiene kit consisting of toothbrush and toothpaste.

This set of activities was part of a week dedicated to citizenship.