Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Rural Development

In Community Development Program we are fighting with the poor in rural India. This is done through developing their skills, increasing knowledge and experience of the people.

This is done by engaging people as individuals and in groups enabling them to undertake initiatives to combat social, economic, political and environmental problems in their communities and create a spirit of joining together to solve the big and small issues. CDP have 10 lines of activities which are ensuring that all essential areas of community development are addressed.

Youth, girls and women are developing their skills by learning basic computer usage and tailoring. The short-term skills development is assisting in creating livelihood opportunities and increasing income. Women are organizing themselves in Self Help Groups and farmers have joined Farmer’s Clubs to develop their farming skills.

Participants of the programs are involved in the health camps in villages deprived of health services. Through health camps, people learn about preventive measures of diseases, they get general health checkup and treatment and the ones who are seriously ill are supported to get the right treatment from the government hospitals. Families are mobilized to construct toilets. Hand washing practices are promoted and the importance of safe handling of drinking water is encouraged to prevent water-borne diseases.

Parents are mobilized to send their children to preschools and together with the teachers discuss issues like malnutrition, water and sanitation. Literacy classes for the women who are members of Self Help Groups (SHG) are providing adult education.

Rural community activism is important for sustainability of community development. Among the participating communities, Village Development Committees or the Village Actions Groups are being formed to lead the community development work.