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A 1st step to the positive in DRC

Education gives people the basic means to change the condition of their lives.

Humana People to People has been sowing the seeds of rural primary school development across 6 most need African countries including India. One of the notable initiatives has been the setting-up and implementation of DNS Mbankana primary school teacher training college in rural Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Our vision is to see such teachers, women and men alike, spread out in the countries, where the teachers of the future are trained. The vision is to see these teachers combine efforts with many people in the places where they work and live, to teach the children and to improve the conditions for the people.

On the 5th of April the first team of 30 teachers graduated from DNS Mbankana after having finished their 2 year training program as primary school teachers. It was a beautiful and lively arrangement with around 300 people attending which included among them the provincial education director, the vice directors and inspectors, the mayor’s office, all the local leaders, schools, churches and one of the national TV stations.

The DNS Mbankana graduation has been a big event for the local community members who have become part of the training of quality teachers who understands the rural setting and the needs for teachers with passion for the pupils and their community.

The graduated teachers will start working in primary schools when the new school year starts in September. The ceremony was held in the new, almost finished buildings that have been constructed for Humana People to People - Congo to substitute previous premises in class rooms and dormitories borrowed from a local agriculture school.

The trained graduates are expected to contribute to making a difference in the lives of primary school going children by improving academic achievements and increasing attendance and pass rates, while also engaging the community around the school to be active in improving basic living conditions.

These attributes are very much critical to Democratic Republic of Congo considering the UNESCO Education For All 2013 report which is demanding world governments to step up efforts to recruit an additional 1.6 million teachers to achieve universal primary education by 2015. Worse still the report points that the region lagging the most is Sub-Saharan Africa, where no progress has been made since 2007, leaving 22% of primary school age children out of school in 2011.

The graduated teachers have been trained in creating conditions that support each child to take control of their learning by being proactive. DNS training places the student in the center of her own education, with the opportunity and the responsibility for acquiring knowledge, skills and capacities.

The DRC Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education had entered into an agreement with Humana People to People – Congo in giving support to the school.

Humana People to People has trained teachers for rural primary schools since 1993. Today there are 50 teacher training colleges in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea-Bissau, India, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.