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International Workers' Day and the 2nd of May Schools

International Workers' Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international labour movement and it promotes social justice and internationally recognised human and labour rights.

80 countries in the world commemorate the day as a national holiday to give emphasis on the importance of the workers’ contribution in building the national economies.

How exactly has International Workers’ Day come into being? International Workers’ Day is celebrated to commemorate the 4th of May of 1886, the Haymarket Massacre in the Chicago. It was the big event of that year when workers were on the general strike for an eight-hour workday and police were there to dispersing the crowd. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown over the crowd by an unidentified person and then police started firing and four demonstrators were killed.

Humana People to People acknowledges the importance of the many year old fight of the workers to achieve decent work conditions, social and economic development.

One of the programs that celebrates the workers of the world is the innovative skills development vocational education program called The School of the 2nd of May (PTG). The day when we all resume production at our working stations after marking the continued fight for workers rights.

In 2011, ADPP Angola (a member of Humana People to People) launched The Schools of the 2nd of May, a practical and theoretical secondary school with vocational skills training as an integrated part of the program.

The program trains the whole person - mind, hands and heart - in a bid to graduate well rounded, knowledgeable, capable, dynamic young people who can contribute to development in Angola. The solid foundation of theoretical and vocational skills contributes to the national work force, which is in need of skilled young people. This year, 1.334 students are enrolled in grades 7 to 9 in eight Schools of the 2nd of May.

The students are offered skills training in the modern trades of Environment Promoter, Water Assistant, Modern Cook, Pre-school Assistant, Community Health Agent, Information and Communication Assistant, Energy Assistant and Food Producer. These are all recognized trades in the Angolan educational system.