Humana People to People

Humana People to People

What about Outcome?

The TCE Program has demonstrated significant outcomes, especially with regard to testing and increasing condom use and health service uptake.

These examples from some external evaluations give some clear indications of the results measured on the program.

An extensive evaluation of the impact of TCE in a rural district in Zambia started in planning stage late 2012 has now been approved by all involved partners and the baseline survey will be carried out in August under the leadership of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC and its partners (Columbia University in New York and the Center for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia) will measure HIV prevalence and incidence and assess health-seeking behaviors for HIV prevention, care and treatment.

In 2008 an external evaluation of TCE in Namibia by Global Fund for AIDS, TB and malaria. Statements from the evaluation:

APPROACH: “The evaluation team found that the TCE Program has made significant inroads into all the communities with TCE, the acceptance level of the program is remarkable. Every individual talked to commended the door-to-door approach of TCE. The Governor of Omusati said that he had seen that “some people are now even demanding that TCE Field Officers visit them”.

PREVENTION: All Field Officers supply “Smile” condoms through many outlets. Rural areas have same condom access now as urban areas. In the Global Fund Areas; over 10.5 million condoms have been distributed by TCE.

ACCEPTANCE: Almost all the people spoken to reported a high level of acceptance towards People Living with AIDS and part of this is attributed to the work of the TCE Field Officers.

UPTAKE TO VCT: When respondents at the household were asked if they tested, many said ‘yes’. This is very encouraging, especially since a sizeable number of the people reported being tested after meeting with the TCE Field Officer.

Another earlier external evaluation of the TCE program includes a 2010 cross-sectional survey by Human Sciences Research Council of 1,200 TCE beneficiaries in South Africa.

An overwhelming 92% of respondents indicated that TCE had made a lasting change in their lives. Moreover, 91% who were HIV negative felt empowered to avoid infection.

Over the period from 2000 to 2013 TCE has been implemented in 12 countries shown quite substantial results on HCT, Condom distribution and people who have made Risk Reduction Plans to take control of HIV & AIDS.