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Together we can help to stop climate change

Climate Change is again this year the theme of the Humana Day.

Each of our Humana People to People members in Europe are preparing their own agenda of activities, which mainly takes place during the week from 22 to 28 September. 'Our Climate, Our Challenge' is, again, the theme chosen.

Various events will provide our partners, customers of second hand shops and the general members of European community, the opportunity to learn more about Humana People to People's work around the consequences of climate change and how we can together address the challenges posed by global warming through protecting environment and through development cooperation.

Second Hand Clothing

The stores have become an essential part in the event: our member in each participating European country, will be key again in sharing with thousands of customers each day passing by them our work against the consequences of climate change.

Humana People to People believes that together we can create the strength to curb the effects of climate change. Our work in this regard is based on three fundamental aspects: * Adapting our way of living to avoid climate change consequences. * Mitigation of the causes of climate variations i.e. working on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. * Improved living conditions of the communities involved in the projects.

Some examples of Climate Change programs:

  1. Working with small farmers

  2. Humana People to People is taking action through working together with communities in building resilience and mitigating climate change in much of its community development projects. However, programs that reach a larger population of rural small scale farmers is the Farmers' Clubs.

    The organization works closely with close to 80.000 small farmers, promoting training in sustainable agro-forestry and conservation farming techniques that allow them to get food secure as they use farming techniques which are more resistant to adverse weather conditions caused by climate change. This one works on the use of low-cost technologies, seed selection, use of natural fertilizers, crop rotation or the addition of new species to have a greater variety of plant products.

  3. Textile recycling and climate change

  4. Humana People to People encourages reducing, reusing and recycling through thousands of containers of used clothing collection through collaborative arrangements it has with municipalities and private entities. Every kilogram of textiles recovered saves the emission of 4.2 kg of CO2.

    In 2013, the members of Humana People to People collected over 121,000 tonnes of used clothing and shoes, thereby avoiding the emission of over 508,000 tons of carbon dioxide. The textile recycling therefore promotes environmental protection and economic and social development. Reusing clothes saves resources for the production of new clothes, reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and prevents million tons of textiles and shoes from ending up in landfills.

    In fact, many activities are open to all customers.

    Humana People to People members in Europe having Humana Day arrangements are as follows: Finland UK Portugal Denmark Bulgaria Italy Spain Austria Germany Slovakia Lithiania Estonia

    September 2014