Humana People to People

Humana People to People

Greetings to the 25th of March

International Conference for Guinea-Bissau - “Terra Ranka”

The people in Guinea-Bissau need the support of the international world to create economic and social development for a prosperous and peaceful nation. All kinds of people to people connections are important to strengthen resolve and progress and for building a just society which works for the betterment for all.

A vibrant and viable civil society is necessary to build the institutions that Guinea-Bissau needs and capable civil society organizations stand ready to work with the government of Guinea Bissau and international partners to obtain the goals prosperity for people.

The Government of Guinea Bissau will present its strategic plan for 2015 to 2025 “Terra Ranka” and invites for discussion on the investments in making the plan a reality under the 4 themes Good Governance, Infrastructure, Agro – Industrialization, Human and Urban Development and with Biodiversity as a transversal issue.

ADPP Guinea Bissau has been working continuously in the country since 1981 with permanent programs, with emergency aid also through the civil conflict of 1998-1999 and assisted in the post-conflict reconstruction. It has developed close working relationships with national, provincial, and local governments and has been supported by many key international organizations in the efforts.

ADPP focuses its work in five primary areas: teacher training, vocational training, agriculture, community development, and promotion of good health.

ADPP Guinea Bissau works shoulder to shoulder with The Poor, as it is the people themselves who create the solutions to the challenges affecting them and activism, team work and strengthening of community structures are all parts of fighting for a common goal. Self-organization and cooperation among people and confidence in own forces supports good governance from the ground.

Infrastructure development spurs economic growth and supports competitiveness of a nation. Such development is important to be done at local level and benefiting the marginalized people who are often deprived of opportunities to transform their own lives.

ADPP has been working on building Guinea Bissau’s educational capacity since the 1980s. Together with UN agencies, ADPP has expanded the number of schools in the country and in 2003 and 2004 for instance 15 schools with 33 furnished classrooms, each equipped with 14 double-roomed latrines and water wells were build. It established a vocational school in Bissora in 1997, which continues to empower the country’s youth by training them in technical and trade skills.

More recently, ADPP opened its first teacher training college, located in Cacheu region. 40 students have graduated and 80 students are under training to become primary school teachers in rural communities.

The schools are run in close cooperation with Ministry of Education.

In the area of agriculture, farmers organize in Farmers’ Clubs and expand their farm productivity and increase farm income. The program involves 4,600 farmer families in 57 villages in the Oio and Empada regions. Through Farmers’ Clubs, producers obtain the means to transform their lives, processing and community centers with solar energy are established and common marketing enhances the incomes of the farmers.

Currently the Ebola Prevention project is working on information campaigns to prevent ebola from spreading to and in Guinea Bissau while big programs with UNICEF trains community health workers in maternal and child health, promotion of healthy lifestyles and construction of latrines and water facilities.

We invite friends and partners to join the fight and invest in the future of Guinea Bissau and to create development with all Guineans.