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Development work needs many people who aid the development process in the quest to achieve a lasting impact among the vulnerable members of society.

Humana People to People as such invites partners who have financial capacity to aid with the necessary funding which is crucial in carrying out the project activities. The development funds will go a long mile in addressing the challenges among them illiteracy, hunger, HIV and AIDS, maternal deaths and poverty as a whole. The expansion of such benefiting programs is made possible by the availability of funding.

Successful Clothes Collection in USA and Europe all depends on the participation of various members of the public in depositing their used clothes in Humana People to People’s or Planet Aid Inc’s clothes bins. The move helps with creating double value to both funding charity work and protecting the environment. Reduce your carbon emission by dropping your used clothes in one of our clothes bin/bank near you.

Development Volunteers contribute with many advisory ideas in the form of the smooth running of the projects, intellect in specific fields of work as well as reaching out to the project’s targeted population. Join Humana People to People projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America as a Poverty Fighter or a Development Instructor. The volunteers stand a chance of actively involving themselves with transforming the communities by taking part in the project actions.

You can donate funds to train a teacher, support children to go to school or families to become food secure. See how you can easily donate funds and join in making a difference through our member Planet Aid.

Humana People to People members offer positions for international volunteers through the Development Instructor Program. You can read more about this on the websites of the schools we cooperate with.

Partnership development remains crucial for progress and success in the 2030 UN Agenda to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. If you want to become a partner, contact one of our members or write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Humana People to People members collect second hand clothes and shoes with the principal objective of using any surplus to support social and educational projects in Africa, Asia, Central and Latin America. You can donate your clothes to members in Europe and USA.

Members have stores where you can purchase original and quality clothing that is hard to find in conventional stores. It is Sustainable Fashion. In these same stores, you can also read about Humana's work and how your purchase is helping to finance projects for human development.