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Humana People to People Italia ONLUS is co-operating with some Italian municipalities in protecting the environment and creating developing within marginalized communities in developing countries. The organization was started in 1998 with the purpose to raise funds through collection and resale of used clothes. The revenue realized from the sale of second hand clothes collected from the province of Biella, Piedmont region of Italy is contributing to transforming lives in Malawi.

Below is an account of what happened at an event marking winning a public tender to collect textile waste in Biella province.  

"Biella meets Malawi", the event organized by HUMANA People to People Italia and Co.S.R.A.B, which Caritas Diocesana took part, was held today at the headquarters of Città Studi di Biella.

The meeting was an opportunity to illustrate the project “400 primary schools”, financed by HUMANA thanks to the revenues from the sale of used clothes collected in the territory of Biella. The project was explained by Lisbeth Thomsen, responsible for the activities of DAPP Malawi, sister company of HUMANA in Malawi.

“400 Primary School started with a small group of 18 teachers in 2012, today there are 90 teachers working in 73 schools. Up to now the project has reached over 35.000 beneficiaries. Thanks to the support of HUMANA Italia the children study in a stimulating environment and the teachers are updated on the most modern teaching methods. Education is one of the most critical challenges for Malawi, where, today, only the 52% of the children who has started primary school complete school” said Thomsen during a skype call from Blantyre.

“Today’s meeting has shown how the simple gesture of donating a used dress to HUMANA is the first step in a well-structured chain of solidarity, in which many people work to carry out initiatives of great social impact: it’s because of that first little gesture that everything can begin”  said Alessandro Strada, Head of Marketing HUMANA People to People Italia. 

HUMANA People to People Italia has been collecting and recovering clothes in Biella since 2015, and since 2017 HUMANA has reconfirmed and expanded its presence by winning the announcement of the public tender announced by Consorzio Smaltimento Rifiuti Area Biellese. Since the beginning of 2018 the generosity of the citizens of Biella has allowed HUMANA to collect about 465 thousand kilos of clothes, shoes and accessories that were no longer used.

The international cooperation organization funds solidarity and development projects in India, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Namibia and Zambia. The activity of HUMANA will also contribute to supporting local social initiatives, such as the sharing canteen “Il pane quotidiano di Biella”.

"The collaboration with HUMANA People to People Italia is for Co.S.R.A.B. reason for great satisfaction. For the Consorzio all the recovery chains are fundamental for the great value they have in terms of environmental protection. Combining the care of the environment with solidarity objectives in favor of the neediest populations and with important social initiatives within the territory of our province of Biella is the best result that Co.S.R.A.B. can obtain and testify the goodness of the policies undertaken by the Organization with the adhesion and participation of all the consortium Municipalities, whom we thank for the concrete support provided to the initiatives proposed by the Consorzio. Co.S.R.A.B. He also commends his thanks to the generosity of the citizens of Biella who daily using the yellow containers of HUMANA demonstrate their attention and sensitivity to the themes of both international and local solidarity and the protection of the environment ". Michele Lerro – President Co.S.R.A.B