Impact Assessment of Teacher Training - ADPP Mozambique

by Ritva Alberts and Gaspar Sitefane, October 2009

“As one of the main results of the study it was found that the 2 ½ -year teacher training curriculum, which was in force for the assessed training, provides the teachers with a good theoretical basis and technique, allowing for the creation of the right personality for a true educator, at school and in the community alike. The interviews and conversations with the teachers trained by the ADPP-run EPFs and at other institutions and with the school directors all support this finding.”

"The assumptions of the EPF training correspond with the principles of UNESCO, defining the main cornerstones of learning:
  • To learn how to know - 
  • To learn to do - 
  • To learn how to live with others - 
  • To learn to be."

"During the entire training period, the trainees learn to search for knowledge on their own and in teams, to analyze and to prove, first in their core team and later in front of a bigger team."

"The capacity for working within a team is systematically trained on basis of the assumptions mentioned, but above all through exercises in practice."

(On the initiative of MFA Finland, funding teacher training)