From Ministry of Education, Angola

Justino Jeronimo, General Director of the National Institute for Teacher Training, excerpt from speech given in 2006:

"…it is necessary to prepare the teacher for a world in which contrasting realities more and more frequently turn up and are confronted with each other, such as development versus backwardness, progress in science and technology versus illiteracy, economic growth versus poverty, a society of information and communication versus ignorance. …

It is with indications of this nature and with these characteristics that the teacher training project of the Ministry of Education and ADPP is being developed, in a differentiated way and with encouraging results, not only as to the profile of the new teachers, but also as to their efficient commitment to the teaching profession.  Their high motivation is illustrated by the fact that 90% of the teachers graduated since 1998 are efficiently performing their teaching in all provinces of the country, in the most remote areas, thus becoming a tool of pedagogical support to teachers with less education and less experience, as well as in the work in the local community and with the local authorities.

In addition to this, the young teachers trained at ADPP Teacher Training Colleges have demonstrated capacity, competence and creativity, when appointed to tasks within the leadership of the schools in the area where they are employed."