“Only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS – the epidemic”

This simple statement is the foundation of Total Control of the Epidemic, TCE.

Total Control of the Epidemic, TCE, is the approach and the practice with which Humana People to People has systematically waged war against the virus of HIV and the disease of AIDS following in its wake.

The health systems in the countries hardest hit are no match for the challenge of the HIV virus, despite multiple efforts to meet them. The people themselves, when knowledgeable and mobilized, are capable of acquiring a crucial impact on the proliferation and the transmission of the disease.

Since 2000, the TCE Field Officers have talked with 10 million people: One on one - with the goal of each person taking control, individually and together with others: not to become infected or not to spread the disease  and to live a long and healthy life.

(Oct 2010)

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