The Big Epidemics


Humana People to People’s Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) program is organizing individuals and communities in the fight against HIV and AIDS. TCE is based on the principle that individual action is key to stopping the epidemic.


It is people turning the tide together, a principle that penetrates every action and which is reflected in the corresponding TCE tenet that only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS, the epidemic. In the TCE program the central theme is the necessary mobilization of the people’s own forces as the fighting power against the invisible foe.


TCE educates and mobilizes individuals en masse with a house-to-house, person-to-person campaign that encourages lifestyle changes and preventive behavior. It systematically reaches every individual and household within a prescribed area over a three year period.


TCE subdivides a region into ‘TCE Areas’ with a population of 100,000 individuals each. TCE Areas are further subdivided into ‘TCE Fields’ of 2,000 individuals. Each field is assigned to a TCE Field Officer, whose job is to inform and counsel every individual in their field. The Field Officers also visit schools, workplaces, and community centers to engage people in the fight.


The Field Officers are the backbone of the TCE program. They are carefully recruited and undergo intensive training that teaches them how to engage individuals in open discussions about HIV and AIDS and sexual behaviors.


Field Officers also become skilled counsellors, assisting individuals in developing personal risk reduction plans and guiding them to obtain testing or treatment. The Field Officers are trained in performing HIV testing and become certified by the Ministries of Health of their respective country. They also do screening for TB and refer people for TB testing if TB is suspected.


With its systematic approach, TCE reinforces the links between the people and the existing health services. TCE aligns itself with the many other efforts, among them National AIDS Councils, the national Ministries of Health, and the many local, national and international organizations and businesses that are engaged in health promotion and in fighting diseases.