Farmers Clubs


The small scale farmers aim at improving productivity, at bettering their livelihood and at carving a place in the modern world for their families and their communities.


The Farmers’ Clubs program makes the desire of the Humana People to People members to lend a hand to these farmers concrete. The odds are stacked against the small holder farmer, while they can be very efficient growers, given the right circumstances.


Small holder farmers often lack access to land and to water supplies. Due to a lack of capital and credit, they lack inputs and infrastructure is not developed. Often these farmers are illiterate and have little access to updated know-how and research. This is what conditions look like on the small farm.


Industrial farming and pressure on land, global warming and the associated loss of water resources and quality land, unfair trade laws and practices are some of the aspects which affect all of us and also the small farmer. To assist the small farmer to succeed in producing food for the family and the market makes perfect sense. Especially since this is also a way to stand shoulder to shoulder with The Poor.


The Farmers’ Clubs program is Humana People to People’s answer to that challenge. Farmers’ Clubs is organizing small scale farmers to join forces. More than 180,000 farmers have joined Humana People to People Farmers’ Clubs since 2006.


The method is utilizing collective efforts in and by the clubs, exploiting readily available knowledge, introducing better implementation of known methods of production and importantly the inspirational input, both theoretical and practical, by the Humana People to People project leadership.


The results are the betterment of all production processes and income, a new spirit of hope and with this momentum a focus on personal health and education. The togetherness in the Club also provides for a change of spirit from average neighbor connectivity to a more generous community feel. This also improves the respect for every farmer, be it woman or man.


The Farmers’ Clubs operate easily in synergy with all other players in the community of small farmers and their partners. The crops and animals produced and methods used will vary from farm to farm, but certain elements are promoted in general.

Organic and environmentally smart practices are promoted. Tried and tested low tech solutions are more commonly used than high tech solutions. Garden farming with vegetable production will always be included and crop diversification is a strategy.


Co-operation and organization is a must. The Project Leaderships work shoulder to shoulder with the farmers and live in the project area.