Education and Capacity Building


Inculcating formal  and non-formal skills through trainings and sharing of past gained experiences form part of the integral part of how Humana People to People build human capacity. The trainings are done through formal schools in other settings others are mainstreamed within the development programs benefiting millions of people wherever Humana People to People is active.


Investing in education is acknowledged as the single most effective way of reducing poverty and



Humana People to People contributes to education of children, youth and adults because we believe in training people so that they can become skilled in production, take on the challenges that they encounter and build capacities for collective action.


Humana People to People fights with The Poor to empower them to leave their status of being poor. This is done in programs where people use their own forces to change their living conditions and prospects by organizing together and continuously building new capacities.


Humana People to People members place great importance on programs that build human capacity. The training to build the capacities is carried out in the form of basic school education, vocational skills training for youth, teacher training, and formal and informal training for adults in the trades of their livelihood.


Capacity building is also accomplished through the continuous updating of knowledge and skills that enable people to take care of their health, promote equality between the genders and organize communities to work together to identify solutions for the issues that hinder development.