Clothes Collection Globally


Humana People to People has since 1977 contributed to make the world a better place for all, through

reuse and recycling of secondhand clothing.


Humana People to People members work in 23 countries in Europe and in the U.S. with collection, sorting

and selling of used clothing. The funds raised from the secondhand clothing are used to support

Humana People to People projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


The reuse of clothing minimizes the emission of greenhouse gases and spares millions of tons of clothes from

going into landfills. When people donate and through that give Humana People to People the opportunity to prolong the life cycle of the clothing, we contribute to a greener globe and to economic development.


While there are many publications and conferences about ‘Food for all’ and ‘Education for all’, it seems that

the supply of sufficient clothing for all is not as high on the international agenda.


Every human being needs clothes as protection from wind and rain, from the heat of the sun and from the cold. Shoes are important when you walk miles and miles on hot road surfaces, and long sleeves protect from mosquitoes, the carriers of malaria.

Clothes are also about human dignity. Clothes make us feel more self-confident whether going to the market, to school, to the authorities or to a job.


The UN Human Rights Charter lays down that people have a right to food, clothing and housing, thereby declaring clothing as one of our basic needs.


In 2015, a total of 130,000 tons of clothes were collected by about 47,000 collection boxes that the members in Europe and North America have placed in public and private spaces for people to donate clothes and shoes.


In Europe, 403 shops selling secondhand clothes were operated with different concepts, like thrift shops that have a systematic and fast turnover of items in the shops and more fashionable trend shops. In Africa, the secondhand clothes are further sorted, sold in wholesale and in 83 retail shops in 7 countries.