What Partners Are Saying
DAPP Child Aid

Evaluation of DAPP Child Aid projects in Zambia, November 2009 by MFS Holland Program Evaluation Consultant, C. Kasonka

"The program is also highly appreciated at all levels including the community. Partners at community level noted that the projects have improved the living conditions of a number of families around their catchment areas. Health personnel have attributed declines in diarrhea cases to the DAPP intervention, while Community Development workers have also noticed a decrease in the number of cases involving violation of human rights against women and children especially due to awareness raising activities carried out by DAPP in partnership with them."
Angola Aid

Mid-term review of Norwegian support to EPF Bie in Angola by Eva Marion Johannesen, Educare, for NORAD, October 2007

"A prominent feature of ADPP/EPF is its close relation with the national and local education authorities. This has been a priority for ADPP since day number one in Angola. ADPP has had projects in Angola for 21 years, and the first EPF school was established in 1995. They are invited to join various developmental projects within basic education and teacher training. Their long and stable presence is appreciated and they are looked upon as reliable, trustworthy and competent. As the director of INDE said: "ADPP is not only a partner, they are one of us"."
DRC Relief

UNICEF, Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippe Barange-Bigot, Chief of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector, June 2009

"HPP-Congo employs a community-based approach to communicate the program, accompanying the villagers through the process of making lasting changes in their community through both infrastructure and behavior changes. ... HPP-Congo is competent in the areas of project management, utilization of funds, and reporting. The projects' activities were completed within the allotted implementation time frame. The management of the organization facilitates collaborative relationships with project partners including local government counterparts."
ADPP Mozambique

H.E. the President of Mozambique, Armando E. Guebuza, at the official opening of ISET/One World University of ADPP Mozambiuqe, November 2008:

"This institution places itself in a position to transfer techniques for fighting the absolute poverty to the communities....We witness an institution, which, by being part of the local community will live intensely in its daily life with the challenges imposed on the community by poverty. Altogether this will make it possible for the institution and the community to exhange experiences and form alliances, which will accelerate the victory over this plague, the poverty..."
Zimbabwe DAPP

End of Project Evaluation Report, Farmers' Clubs, DAPP Zimbabwe, November 2009, by Dr. Isaiah Nyagumbo, University of Zimbabwe

"Overall it is clear the project has made significant impacts on the productivity and livelihoods of the beneficiaries. Cross cutting issues such as gender and HIV/AIDS were taken on board through involvement of women (more than 70%), training on HIV/ AIDS and the provision of nutritional supplements through herbs. In spite of the unfavorable political and economic environment prevailing during the year 2008, the project is commended for having achieved some outputs under the circumstances." (In partnership with Practica Foundation, funded by EU)
ADPP Teacher Training in Mozambique

Impact Assessment of Teacher Training - ADPP Mozambique, 2009, by Ritva Alberts and Gaspar Sitefane, October 2009

"As one of the main results of the study it was found that the 2 ½ -year teacher training curriculum, which was in force for the assessed training, provides the teachers with a good theoretical basis and technique, allowing for the creation of the right personality for a true educator, at school and in the community alike. The interviews and conversations with the teachers trained by the ADPP-run EPFs and at other institutions and with the school directors all support this finding." (On the initiative of MFA Finland, funding teacher training)